Let’s Talk Money : The future is climate financing

Before I start, I am obliged to remind our viewers that this is not advice only general commentary from my extensive research in this area.

Whether you believe in the threat of Global warming or not , it is without a doubt the number one talking point within the political arena . Climate financing is the movement towards a more efficient , low carbon global economy which will be financed by a movement of major investment firms and governments around the globe .

I have no doubt , in 25 years from now your super annuation fund will contain renewable energy shares aswell as shares in the electric-automotive industry . The movement towards a low carbon society has already seen success , with Tesla driving a shift towards faster and more eco-friendly cars that produce surreal performance . Last week , Amazon have planned to order 100,000 electric delivery vans to increase efficiency and cut cost- according to Jeff Bozos , further accentuating the significance of the low carbon movement .

Australia will feel the strongest inertia with climate financing as 95% of it’s exports in GDP terms are in iron ore and coal mining . The switch may even put Australia into a major recession , which could be the reason why the Australian Government have chosen to ignore policies that will aid the switch . However , just like in the business world , to stay afloat in a dynamic environment you must change with the tide . When this day comes , those who invested in renewable energy and technology will be rewarded .

I will be posting ASX companies in our new portfolio brought to you by our associates at YIG . This portfolio will list up and coming investment opportunities we have found in the market . In particular , I will be adding potential Australian and Global companies that have made the switch to developing the future of low carbon based energy and transport . These companies are the future , and more importantly will effect your future whether it be an investment such as superannuation or as literal as how you get to work every morning . The future is now

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The information above should not be taken as financial advice. Youth Investment Group has no liability for personal financial interests or investment decisions. You should make your own investment decisions based upon your own research and what you believe is best for you.

Written by founder , Tyger Fitzpatrick .

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