Will IMU’s cancer trials cause a surge in stock price?

Before I start, I am obliged to remind our viewers that this is not advice only general commentary from my extensive research in this area.

Imugene Ltd (ASX:IMU) has one of the most exciting stock stories in the biotech industry. Why? Because IMU strives to cure cancer, through a range of new Immuno oncology therapies. Today we will discuss IMU’s recent price sensitive events (PSE) and 2020 outlook. Here is a simplified run down of IMU’s product pipeline.


CF33 is a type of an oncolytic virus. CF33 is genetically modified to replicate throughout the body, search only for and eradicate cancer cells.


Cancer cells can hide from your immune system through PDL1. PDL1 signals to the immune system not to break down cancer. PD1 Vaxx producers PD1 Vaxx antibodies in your immune system, which disallow cancer cells from telling your body not to attack.

HER2 B-cell Vaccines

Imugene focuses on preventing breast and gastric Cancer through HER-Vaxx and B-Vaxx.

HER-Vaxx produces antibodies in the patient’s immune system that eliminate cancer cells. Part 1 of the process involves the transition of the patient’s B cells into HER-Vaxx antibodies. Part 2 of the process involves the HER-Vaxx antibodies attaching to HER2 receptors. HER2 receptors encourage the spread of cancer. However, once the HER-Vaxx antibody attaches, the cancer cell cannot spread and is eventually broken down.

Imugene’s Price Sensitive events in January 2020

Imugene currently trades at 0.032 cents. Despite the ASX announcements below IMU only increased by 6.6% in January. Indicating that investors are still demanding more positive news before they invest.

Price Sensitive event 1: Imugene HER-Vaxx Immunotherapy Patent Granted in United States – 14th January

IMU announced its patent approval on HER-Vaxx. Her-Vaxx produces antibodies in our immune system which kills cancer cells. Attaining the patent is a significant milestone.

Because, the patent protects IMU’s composition of HER-Vaxx. Also, it will add value to HER-Vaxx if successful in the Phase II study of gastric cancer later this year.

Price sensitive event 2: Imugene PD1-Vaxx Immunotherapy Update – 28th January

Last Tuesday, IMU announced the green light for PD1-Vaxx to undergo Phase 1 clinical trial this year. The green light came from pre-clinical positive results with an FDA inspection and sterility test with GMP manufacturing. Remember PD1-Vaxx signals to the immune system to break down hidden cancer cells.

PD1-Vaxx is going to be trialled in patients with non-small cell lung cancer across 6 sites in North America and Australia. Positive news around IMU’s clinical trial could possibly trigger a bullish trend in the share price. Thus, you must monitor this trial closely.

IMU’s 2020 outlook/potential/direction

Before I start, I am obliged to remind our viewers that this is not advice only general commentary from my extensive research in this area.

Imugene’s 2020 calendar is packed with bullish clinical trials. These include:

  • Phase 1 Trial for VaxinIa CF33
  • Phase 1 Trial for PD1-Vaxx
  • Phase 2 trial for HER-Vaxx (HER-2)


Imugene completed a 24.6 million placement coupled with various options back in 2019. Allowing IMU to fund their 4 therapies all the way through the clinical timeline. If IMU’s 2020 trials produce positive scientific results, the share price will likely increase as “Money will follow science” (CEO Leslie Chong).

Despite the positive ASX announcements, IMU’s promising 2020 outlook and ambition, curing cancer is no easy road trip. Thus, we must analyse IMU’s direction from an unbiased standpoint. Why? Because, here at YIG we like to provide young investors with a balanced perspective.

Imugene Ltd will have to overcome numerous hurdles over the next few years before the company becomes an excellent biotech. These obstacles include

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Written by Patrick McLoughlin, associate of YIG

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