How “Wolf of Wallstreet” Star built a $240 million empire from Ethical Investments

Leonardo DiCaprio is a renowned actor known for starring in blockbusters such as Titanic, Shutter Island and more recently playing the role of  Jordan Belfort in “Wolf of Wallstreet”. Ironically enough, Leonardo’s character in “Wolf of Wallstreet” depicts a Stock Broker from Long Island, that pleaded guilty to securities fraud and money laundering. In reality, Leonardo DiCaprio has proven himself as a savvy investor within the realm of Ethical investments. One of Leonardo’s most recent investments ; includes joining “Aspiration’s” Board of Advisers in 2019. Aspiration is an innovative Banking firm that is offering a socially responsible twist to traditional banking. The firm does not fund projects from deposits, that use any fossil fuel or create high carbon footprints. 

List of Leonardo DiCaprio’s investments

  • Joined Princeville Capital as an advisor and investor for a new climate tech fund. The tech fund aims to look into funding innovative technology to fight Climate Change. “Princeville Climate Technology has a robust process to identify unique investment opportunities that have a direct or indirect positive climate impact.  Using a top down research and direct analysis approach, Princeville focuses on the global centers of innovation (North America, Europe and Asia).” Princeville Capital.

  • In 2017, Leonardo alongside others, invested into a $55 million pool to fund the up and coming Mattress manufacturer Casper. The company recently listed on the NYSE at $11.05 in February 2020. Due to the virus however, the stock has more than halved creating an interesting buying opportunity for investors?
  • DiCaprio invested in AllBirds in 2018, a sustainable shoe manufacturer that uses Wool from New Zealand as a sustainable alternative for material. The company also sources sustainable materials such as Sugar Cane from Brazil and Trees from South Africa. These materials use a lot less energy than what other firms consume when manufacturing. Their operations have also cut water consumption by 95%.

  • DiCaprio invests $5 million in Runa Beverages, a sustainable beverage company that is emerging fast across the US.“Guayusa, an Amazonian ingredient that has been used in the Andes-Amazon region since since 500 A.D. Today, we’ve remixed this super leaf into our refreshing, organic clean line of energy drinks, RUNA.” Our Story RUNA. The company has seen vast growth across the US market in 2019-20.

But it’s more than just money

Leonardo DiCaprio’s activism is commendable, as he has used his influence as an actor to shed light on Climate Change and practising ethical business. As someone who I highly commend, Leonardo can teach us to better ourselves and to take action on Global issues that our Governments have not been able to do effectively yet. He is also showing the investing community that ethical investing can be profitable, and will only become more proficient for years and decades to come. DiCaprio and Belfort are from two different worlds, but maybe this is a lesson on what it really means to be the Wolf of Wallstreet?

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Written by Tyger Fitzpatrick, Associate of YIG.