NIPNO – National Industry Professionals Networking/Referral Opportunities

Picture this.

You are brand new to your industry – No experience, no network, and no prospects. How on earth are you supposed to get ahead…?

I will be honest with you; it is a uphill never-ending battle that will test even the strongest among us. Just like the old saying goes, “One step forward, three steps back.” I could honestly not think of a better analogy for this situation.

With millennial expectations and the obsession with a “work-life balance” at an all-time high, it is hard to see how the next generation of industry leaders will persevere.

We are here to tell you today that there is hope.

Look no further, then at the passionate team here at Youth Investment Group and the outstanding accomplishments they have achieved in such a short period.

What is NIPNO?

No, it is not just a catchy phrase…

NIPNO is a networking group built on the phrase, “Working together to build your own future.”

Having personal connections in business is honestly so crucial. That’s why NIPNO is here. NIPNO is here to help you find those personal connections and to explore your knowledge in other industries.

You burn out, you cannot find leads, no one is answering your calls, or you need advice. This is what NIPNO creates for you. That source of referrals or being able to tap in on a pool of prospects or even linking with a potential future business partner.

Late last year, we came together. Being young and looking for others for advice. We were looking for more business. We needed a way to grow. The usual networking events and meetings were not delivering the results we wanted. Was it the age gap? The lack of clients or the lack of experience?

NIPNO is your source of referrals, prospects, advice, and industry knowledge.

If your are seeking extra referrals, business connections, and to gain more industry knowledge, then NIPNO is what you need.

NIPNO is a gathering of like minded individuals who are working together to build their own future.

If this sounds like something, you’d be interested in the following information will be at the utmost importance to you:

  • NIPNO meetings run every month, we organise to meet at a local venue based in the north and the hill’s district of Sydney.
  • It is free for the foreseeable future to new members.
  • We provide the source of referrals, business connections, and information you need.

If you want that extra push in your career, then enquire about attending our first event. Message our Facebook page or contact me, and I will be in contact with more information to the first meeting.

We hope to hear from you, and we will see you shortly.

PH 0431 550 228 E

Written by Thomas Coleman-Booth, YIG Partner.

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