Moderna set to surge after producing positive trial results for COVID-19 vaccine

Moderna announced this morning that their interim Phase 1 data for COVID-19 vaccine has shown positive results. The company has been heavily watched by investors and speculators alike – as their vaccine (mRNA-1273) continues to show positive signs. The announcement confirmed the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) are in support of the companies phase 2 and 3 trials, as well as scaling up the manufacturing of the vaccine. These are some exciting developments for long term shareholders as well as short term speculators. We expect the stock price to jump as the market futures turn green.

“When combined with the success in preventing viral replication in the lungs of a pre-clinical challenge model at a dose that elicited similar levels of neutralizing antibodies, these data substantiate our belief that mRNA-1273 has the potential to prevent COVID-19 disease and advance our ability to select a dose for pivotal trials.”

said Tal Zaks, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer at Moderna

The risks involved in the Vaccine race

Over the past few months, we have covered the most promising biotechs involved in the Trillion dollar race to stop COVID-19 in its tracks. The common theme recurring with the stocks is that they remain relevant for a few weeks at a time before investors flee elsewhere. The developments we are hearing from Moderna are likely to push the stock price higher – possibly creating a new equilibrium for the share price.

The stock has already seen phenomenal growth from the announcement of the FDA phase 2 trial being approved. This stock looks to hold more security from an investor standpoint then say other vaccine/treatment companies that have already fallen off the map (opinion not advice). The big question is – Will Novavax effect the success of the mRNA-1273 vaccine? Both of these companies are going head to head in producing the first COVID-19 vaccine for expansive use.

MRNA’s key COVID-19 developments so far

  • US Government is willing to fund mRNA-173 through every trial until regulatory approval.
  • Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) is ready to give Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA) $483 million to expedite mRNA-173 through clinical development.
  • Lonza Group, via its agreement with Moderna, is manufacturing mRNA-173 at their US and Switzerland operations.
  • Phase 1 trials have shown “positive results”
  • MRNA is likely to enter phase 2 in the coming weeks. Positive results from phase one should act as the stepping stone to a phase 2 trial.
  • If there are no hiccups, phase 3 trials are expected to begin in Autumn.

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