These US stocks are set to surge this morning as the Dow set to open 800 points higher

The Dow Jones Futures Index predicts a 800 point rally this morning as investors find confidence in the recent sales data released today. We have seen a wild turn of events over the past week, with Dow futures swinging from intense highs to even greater lows. This extreme volatility is concerning, however at this point in time – the Bulls have taken the upper hand. Here are 3 stocks that are seeing extreme investor confidence coming into Tuesday mornings market open.

Biomerica Inc (NASDAQ: BMRA)

BMRA have picked up pace this morning with pre-markets predicting an 18% jump at open. This spike comes off the back of an announcement this morning, confirming they have filed to the FDA an EUA application for emergency use of their high-capacity laboratory which will conduct anti-body testing for COVID-19. If this test is approved by the FDA, the anti-body testing is an important step in the process of health officials deciphering as to whether you can be infected more than once from the COVID-19 virus.

Since our last article on Biomerica, BMRA had been on a slight decline in recent months before spiking at yesterdays open to $6.13. The recent investor interest has come off the recent news, however this company has held it’s ground as one of the COVID leaders in the testing field. Biomerica is definitely one to watch.

Turtle Beach Corp (NASDAQ:HEAR)

The well known gaming headset manufacturer is set to open 30% higher this morning as the company has raised their Q2 Quarterly sales projection. This news comes at no surprise, as the population has moved indoors over the past few months in quarantine. This has driven up demand for gaming/office accessories hence benefiting the already well established headset manufacturer. With a Market Cap now over $203 million and a positive Beta of 1.76 (5 Y) HEAR is showing some strong signs of sustainable growth for the imminent future (providing this stock does not become over-inflated).

Since march HEAR has been on a significant uptrend, increasing in similar fashion to beneficiaries of the quarantine such as Netflix, Amazon and Activision. The continual growth shows promising signs for long term investors.

Macy’s Inc (NYSE:M)

The department store retailer saw obvious investor backing this morning as promising retail data was released. The retail giant was priced roughly at $17 on average before the crash. COVID-19 prompted a strong bearish run at the beginning of March before  recovering at a steady pace since. It seems the stock has along way to go before fully-recovering as COVID-19 will have lingering effects on foot traffic for months to come.

The strongest risk with Macy’s Inc is the potential of a second wave, likely to cripple the retail Goliath along with the investor confidence it is currently bringing to the table. With along way to go for a recovery Macy’s poses a nice opportunity for the bullish investor.

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