Plug Power continues its bullish path – here’s everything you need to know.

Plug Power (NASDAQ:PLUG) has made its name on Wallstreet, as investors continue to back the next generation hydrogen cell developer. The stock has surged 368.47% over the past six months, establishing very solid grounds for investor confidence. Plug Power develops hydrogen fuelled cells which power electric motors. The business aims to completely shift the power/transport industry towards zero carbon emissions. PLUG has deployed 35,000 Hydrogen cells and has been officially ranked the largest liquid hydrogen consumer in the world.  Plug Power’s mammoth scale and development of the Hydrogen powered market puts its competitors to shame.

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1. Introduction 
2. Expert forecasts on Plug power stock growth
3. Does YIG see value in Plug Power?

What are the experts saying about Plug Power?

Plug has continued to outplay analysts predictions as investors flock towards the hydrogen innovator. The current 12 months predictions remain conservative, with highs pricing at $14 and lows of $9. The current average price target from a pool of 5 expert analysts currently stands at $12.12 according to NASDAQ. These price targets give the everyday investor an insight into the “smart money” consensus. However, price targets continue to change and thus further bullish changes to these targets are something investors will likely rally behind.

With a current conservative forecast for PLUG, we can assume banking institutions are remaining on the sidelines in regards to price targeting. In regards to institutional ownership, roughly 55% of the company is owned by institutions. Institutions such as D. E. Shaw & Co. LP increased their holdings by double (announced EOFYs), suggesting there is “smart money” pouring in.

Does YIG see value in Plug Power?

Before I begin, I am obliged to remind our viewers that this is not financial advice but rather investment commentary from extensive research

Since our last article introducing PLUG as a up and coming stock, PLUG has surged over 70%. Its business model is innovative and holds a strong future as we move towards an all-electric motor era. Plug has cemented their business firmly, with strong supply chains and positive development of the hydrogen cell. YIG sees Plug still in its infancy phase, and will continue to develop its operations on a global scale (opinion not advice).

Q2 Earnings were very positive for Long Term Shareholders, with guidance of 2024 Revenue targets increasing by 20%. PLUG products were moving 30% of the retail food and groceries in the US at the beginning of 2020. Its close relations with Amazon and Walmart have helped PLUG see record billing numbers. What impresses me the most about PLUG is the vertical integration it has done with partner suppliers. Vertical integration continues to be a very integral part of large corporation strategy. This integration will enable PLUG to reduce costs in the long run.

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