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INO surges 10% pre-market – here’s what you need to know

INO surges 10% pre-market - here's what you need to know

Inovio (NASDAQ:INO) is set to open 10% higher this morning after the promising address by CEO & President Dr. Joseph Kim on the H.C Wainwright 22nd Annual Investment Conference. Dr. Kim advised that the initiation of Phase 2 trials for their COVID-19 vaccine INO-4800 is on track to commence later this month. The CEO also addressed he is “very confident” INO will acquire additional external funding to accelerate these Phase 2 trials. Since the address on the 14th, INO has gained serious momentum. It seems INO has put itself back into the spotlight on Wallstreet. Lets breakdown what you need to know regarding the conference call and what the future looks like for INO.

Summarising the conference call – here’s what you need to know

The address by the CEO shed light on INO’s confidence regarding the imminent outlook for INO’s COVID-19 vaccine. The key points are as follows:

INO forecasts and outlook

Before I begin, I am obliged to remind our viewers that this is not advice but rather investment commentary from extensive research.

It seems the imminent future looks strong for INO as the company is on track to commence Phase 2 human trials at the end of September, according to CEO Dr. Kim. Not to mention the added potential funding for Phase 2 trials which if history tells us anything – it’s good news. However, speculators have snapped up the opportunity to buy INO yesterday suggesting a pull back is imminent (opinion not advice). The expected news to break this month however, is a positive sign for long term shareholders. Especially if Phase 2 trials can be commenced by the end of this month.

INO Forecasts by analysts

The 12 month forecasts from analysts according to CNN data suggest a median price target of $16 with a high end target at $36 and low end target at $8. These forecasts are heavily weighted upon the success of INO-4800. 5 analysts according to Nasdaq data suggest an average 12 month price target at $19 a share. The forecasts are definitely bullish at this stage with the potential commercialisation of the COVID vaccine.

INO investor Outlook

An interesting concept is to consider that INO will not be proportionally effected the same as other SP 500 corporations. Its stock price tends to fluctuate violently on company news and trial data and not COVID related market downturns (according to recent historic data). This is the associated risk with a stock like INO which heavily relies on its own success in the COVID trials.

In summary, the confidence from CEO Dr. Kim has reflected on Wallstreet. We await to review the publication of Phase 1 data and the announcement of Phase 2 trials in the coming weeks.

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