ChargePoint stock forecast

ChargePoint Stock Forecast – CHPT has a 40% upside says Wallstreet

ChargePoint Holdings (NYSE: CHPT) first caught the attention of investors after the completion of its SPAC merger with Switchback Energy Acquisition Corporation in March. Changes in the economic and political environment over the past few years have created a growing market for companies like ChargePoint.

This includes Joe Biden’s $7.5 Billion charging network infrastructure bill which has recently been signed. So what can investors expect over the next 5 years and how will the infrastructure bill effect ChargePoint Stock? This article will breakdown everything investors need to know about the ChargePoint stock forecast over the coming years.

ChargePoint has first mover advantage

The Electric-Vehicle movement is continuing to gain momentum as countries including the United States and China move towards a future run on sustainable-energy. First movers in these emerging industries tend to gain the upper-hand early, absorbing greater marketshare and retaining long term customers. We have seen Tesla lead the charge in the EV space, now dominating the Electric Vehicle market share in North America, owning 66.3% in 2021.

ChargePoint is in a similar position, owning 70% of the US market for Level 2 charging stations. However, its marketshare in the United States and across Europe did not start over night. ChargePoint has been in business for 13+ years and have birthed the commercial charging industry as we know it. Similar to Tesla, ChargePoint is now in a position of market dominance, with investors and institutions alike forecasting ChargePoint to continue its winning streak.

Wallstreet remains optimistic on ChargePoint Stock Forecast

Stifel analyst highlights 5-10 year catalysts for ChargePoint Stock

Last month, Stifel analyst Stephen Gengaro initiated coverage on ChargePoint Stock with a $29 price valuation. Gengaro noted that ChargePoint is well positioned to benefit from the steep rise in EV infrastructure spending over the next 5-10 years. Furthermore, the analyst sees Chargepoint generating a positive free cash flow by 2024.

Overall, the analyst brings up an important point regarding the companies potential catalysts over the next 5-10 years, as the companies network expands across the U.S and Europe jurisdictions. As one of the worlds largest charging networks, ChargePoint’s business is well positioned for Government subsidies over the coming years.

Jeffries analyst see’s annual revenues growing by 57% through 2025

Jefferies analyst David Kelley, is another Wallstreet analyst who sees upside in the ChargePoint stock forecast. Kelley currently holds a Buy rating and $36 price target. The analyst noted that ChargePoint is the U.S. charging infrastructure leader with 59% networked U.S. share. The analyst believes that ChargePoints scale provides “a significant advantage” over competitors according to theFly. Furthermore, Kelley’s model forecasts ChargePoint revenues to compound at an annual rate of 57% through to 2025.

Roth Capital breakdown the Hastrobe Acquisition

Roth Capital analyst Craig Irwin, currently has a $46 price target on CHPT stock. ChargePoint recently entered an agreement to acquire hastobe, a European charging network. Craig Irwin believes the acquisition is “consistent with management’s strategy of win the network first, and sell through ChargePoint hardware”. The $300 Million acquisition will give ChargePoint greater leverage within the European EV charging market.

“Today we announce our accelerating leadership position in the European EV charging market with the closing of our acquisition of hastobe, which combined with our acquisition of ViriCiti and our existing broad portfolio of charging infrastructure solutions position ChargePoint well in commercial and fleet segments. With these acquisitions, we grew our talent pool across and have state-of-the-art research and development centers across Europe. These key milestones further strengthen our commitment to the European EV charging market, to complement our position as a leader in EV charging in North America.”

said Pasquale Romano, CEO of ChargePoint October 6.

Revenue analysis – ChargePoint Stock Forecast 2025

Firstly, in the most recent reported quarter ChargePoint generated $56.1 million in revenue. The revenue beat was driven by the vastly growing demand for Electric Vehicle charging stations in the United States and Europe. In particular, the companies Networked Charging revenue segment grew by 91% to $40.9 million in the second quarter. ChargePoint saw significant quarterly revenue growth in both North America and Europe across the commercial, fleet and residential verticals.

Looking ahead, the company expects to generate between $60 – $65 million in revenue in the third quarter. For the remainder of 2021, the company expects to report $225 – $235 million in revenue. This represents an increase from previous guidance of $195 – $205 million.

Short term revenue guidance provides investors with some insight into financial health. However, understanding the companies future expected cash flows remains fundamentally important for investors in valuing a company. For the fiscal year of 2022 analysts expect annual revenue to grow by 60%, at $347.2 Million. The 60% projected year over year revenue growth is attracting investors looking to capitalise on EV infrastructure tailwinds.

Based on earlier investor presentations held by ChargePoint, the company forecasts long term revenue to reach $1.4 Billion by 2025 and $2 Billion by 2026.

Chargepoint stock forecast

What’s the risk with ChargePoint stock?

It is important to understand the associated firm-specific risk of a company. ChargePoint has now been trading for 6 months as a combined company and is past its post-merger lock up period which was on September 28. This of course is good news for new investors as the share price tends to dip once the lock up period expires.

Secondly, the charging infrastructure industry is heating up. Goldman Sachs analyst Mark Delaney noted earlier this quarter that ChargePoint will face increasing competition over the coming years. This is including competition from companies that offer charging hardware for free (Volta (NASDAQ:VLTA), which could lead to a slower long-term outlook for ChargePoint than the company predicts. In other words, increased competition and charging models such as Volta (NYSE:VLTA) may challenge the companies ambitions at reaching $1.4 Billion in revenue by 2025. In saying this, ChargePoint still maintains the first mover advantage while companies like Volta are still in infancy phases.

The Bottom Line – ChargePoint Stock Forecast

In summary, the dynamic shift towards net-zero carbon emissions is an exciting prospect for ChargePoint investors. Furthermore, the general consensus amongst analysts remains relatively bullish with the average 12 month price target above the current trading price.

Overall, the revenue forecasts from analysts also suggest strong growth over the next 5 years. However, the competition will continue to heat up as Governments direct more resources to EV charging infrastructure. This means ChargePoint will need to use their first mover advantage to secure funding and embed their networks on a global scale. We will continue to update the ChargePoint Stock Forecast as the company prepares for their third quarter results on December 7.

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