Apple Stock Forecast 2022

Apple Stock Forecast For 2022: Will AAPL hit $210?

Apple Stock (NASDAQ:AAPL) is one of the most traded stocks on any market, providing investors with high growth returns over the past decade. AAPL stock has had a strong 2021, returning 38.67% to investors year to date.

In fact, with such strong gains over the past 11 months, Apple Inc is closing in on a $3 Trillion Market Cap. This is a remarkable achievement for the Tech Giant, who reinvented and dominated the personal tech device market.

Now investors are asking, how will Apple Stock perform in 2022? This article will dive into the Apple Stock Forecast over the next 12 months, through 2022.

JP Morgan Analyst Names Apple Stock As A Top Pick In 2022 Forecast

On 14 December, Wallstreet analyst at JPMorgan, Samik Chatterjee hiked the banks price target forecast on Apple Stock to $210 from $180. The analyst is Bullish on Apple’s 12 month outlook, forecasting that Apple will continue to outperform its competitors in 2022.

Furthermore, the analyst noted that Apple stock has managed to reverse its losses suffered earlier this year, with iPhone 13 demand improving. Chatterjee sees further revenue growth in the near future, with more iPhone 13 sale realisations to come in 2022. Chatterjee expects iPhone sales to reach 246 million units in 2022 with “substantial upside” relative to consensus expectations.

The JP Morgan Equity Analyst reiterated the firms Apple Stock Forecast, naming Apple as a top pick for 2022. Overall, the upgrade from JP Morgan is a positive sign for shareholders, as it is now the highest valuation from Wallstreet to date.

Apple stock forecast 2022
TOKYO, JAPAN – OCTOBER 2, 2016: Detail from Apple shop in Tokyo, Japan. Apple is American multinational corporation founded at 1976 at Cupertino, California.

Can Apple Reach $400 Billion In Revenue By 2022

Apple is one of the largest businesses in the world, generating $365 Billion in the 2021 Fiscal year. Very few businesses can top this mammoth number, with only the likes of Amazon matching Apple’s sales.

Apple’s reporting is unique as their fiscal year begins on September 26, 2021. Apple’s next quarterly report is expected in March 2022.

Wallstreet forecasts Apple to generate $381.56 Billion in sales for 2022, a 4.3% improvement from 2021. For an established business such as Apple, revenue growth at 4.3% is impressive considering the company is closing in on $400 Billion annually.

Interestingly, majority of the revenue forecasts don’t include the possibility of Apple’s AR glasses launch in 2022. Realised revenues on this product is another catalyst investors are excited about, if Apple can launch this tech next year.

Apple AR Glasses expected in the second half of 2022 according to Wedbush

The iPhone 13 sales in 2022 is not the only catalyst that has investors excited. Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives expects the AR Apple Glasses to debut in the second half of 2022.

The analyst noted the AR development by Apple opens up a massive market opportunity and a chance for Apple to break into the broader metaverse ecosystem.

In Fact, Daniel Ives sees the AR project adding $20 per share to the SOP value of Apple stock. Lastly, Daniel Ives remains bullish on his Apple Stock Forecast, including the possibility of 40 Million iPhones sold over the holiday period.

Apple Stock Forecast 2022: The Bottom Line

Overall, the recent targets from JP Morgan and Wedbush illustrate further upside in both iPhone 13 sales as well as further tech developments including the Apple Glasses in 2022.

In addition, over the holiday period Apple is expected to deliver close to 40 Million iPhones. The positive outlook on the iPhone 13 is a positive surprise for investors, as semi-conductor shortages haunted the companies production outlook earlier this year.

We will continue to update our readers on the Apple Stock Forecast as we move into 2022.

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