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Tesla Stock Has 30% Upside in 2022 says Analyst

Tesla Stock (NASDAQ:TSLA) has had a turbulent start to 2022, losing 14.40% so far in January. Despite a rocky month of trading, Musk’s EV company made significant strides as of late, posting record breaking deliveries and joining the $1 Trillion valuation club.

With 2021 now behind us, investors are now asking whether Tesla stock is geared for more upside in 2022? In this article we discuss the outlook for Tesla Stock in 2022 and analyse some of the Street’s views on the stock.

Mizuho sees growth catalysts for Tesla stock in 2022

On Wednesday, Mizuho analyst Vijay Rakesh increased the firms price target on Tesla Stock to $1,300 from $950, maintaining a bullish “buy” rating on the stock. Rakesh is particularly upbeat on the outlook on Tesla Stock for 2022, noting it “should be a big year” for electric vehicle makers in particular.

The Wallstreet analyst also cited Tesla’s strong Q4 delivery numbers, that were boosted by increased volumes in China. Rakesh remains Bullish on Tesla Stock (NASDAQ:TSKLA), Rivian (NASDAQ:RIVN) and Nio (NYSE:NIO) as key players in the EV space in 2022. The $1300 target from Mizuho implies a 30% upside on Tesla Stock in 2022.

Tesla stock

What to look out for in Tesla’s Q4 earnings report

An interesting point was brought up by Oppenheimer analyst Colin Rusch last week. The analyst highlighted key areas investors will be looking out for in the Q4 report, including the companies gross margin, Tesla’s self-driving feature roll-out and any progress updates on Tesla’s Berlin and Austin factory ramps.

The good news is with deliveries above consensus, the analyst expects stronger margins to be realised in the Q4 report.

Tesla closes 2021 just shy of 1 Million Deliveries

Tesla surprised investors and analysts alike in its Q4 delivery performance, beating the Wallstreet consensus by 20%. The EV giant delivered 308,600 vehicles to customers in the fourth quarter, totalling 936,172 vehicles for the calendar year.

While Tesla remains one of the most established Electric vehicle companies in the world, its recent delivery numbers are still extremely impressive. Tesla delivered 3x more cars in 2021 than NIO, Xpeng and Li Auto combined.

The Bottom Line: Tesla Stock positioned for upside in 2022?

As summarised by Wallstreet analyst Vijay Rakesh, Tesla Stock is positioned for upside in 2022 with a fresh $1,300 target. The Tesla bulls are charging into 2022 with confidence as Tesla breaks delivery records and ramps up production in China.

The key points to look out for in the Q4 report include the companies operating margins and developments both in the self driving feature and factory ramp ups.

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