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Why Apple Stock is heading for $210 according to Morgan Stanley

In terms of tech market royalty, Apple Inc. holds the crown with a monster $2.87 Trillion market cap. Apple stock has captivated investors interests for decades however over the past five years in particular, Apple Stock has returned over 400% to investors.

With a rocky start to the market in 2022, Apple Stock has faired relatively well only down 4% YTD. For comparison, Microsoft Stock is currently down 8% YTD while Amazon stock is down 13%. Despite tougher market conditions, analysts at Morgan Stanley see Apple stock hitting $210 in 12 months, a 24% upside. Here’s the breakdown on what Morgan Stanley and other analysts had to say about Apple Stock in 2022.

Morgan Stanley ups Apple Stock valuation to $210

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, raised the firm’s price target on Apple Stock to $210 last Friday. The analyst remains upbeat on the outlook of Apple Stock, reiterating AAPL as her top pick for 2022.

Huberty’s reasoning for the price lift was due to multiple reasons. Firstly, the analyst noted that Apple had a “clean” December quarter beat while also boosting their March guidance. The analyst was particulary surprised about the Mac and Services growth, being “particularly strong”.

Secondly, with tougher supply constraint in 2021, the analyst noted the strong results “illustrate the strength and stability of Apple’s product and services ecosystem.” The forecast from Morgan Stanley suggest Apple has room to run in 2022, with a total upside of 24%.

Apple Stock
LOS ANGELES, CA/USA – JULY 11, 2015: Morgan Stanely building and logo. Morgan Stanley is an American multinational financial services corporation.

Apple Stock remains key pick in 2022 amongst Wallstreet Giants

The recent guidance from Morgan Stanley is not the only one to pick Apple as a key stock in 2022. On 14 December, Wallstreet analyst at JPMorgan, Samik Chatterjee lifted their price target on Apple Stock to $210 as well.

Chatterjee remains bullish on Apple, forecasting further revenue growth as iPhone 13 sale realisations come into play. As noted in our previous article, Chatterjee expects iPhone sales to reach 246 million units in 2022 with “substantial upside” relative to consensus expectations.

Key Takeaways From This Article

Overall, the boosted valuation from Morgan Stanley analyst Kate Huberty suggests Apple Stock still has plenty of room to run in 2022, 24% to be precise. Both analysts mentioned above maintain bullish on the stock despite the market conditions, with AAPL as the top stock pick in 2022.

In addition to bullish coverage, the positive forecasts on iPhone 13 sales is another positive surprise for investors, as supply constraints continue to impact silicon valley companies.

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