Financial Market trend 2020 and beyond: ESG Investing

As we enter the 1styear of the 2020 decade, the YIG team thought it would be interesting to discuss about the future likely trend of the financial market. The team have figured ESG investing, specifically regards to climate change, will have a significant impact on the market. Whether you believe in Climate Change or not, […]

Breaking down the fundamentals of financial derivatives

What is a Derivative Security? A Derivative Security is a financial instrument whose value depends on the underlying asset. Examples of Derivative Securities are: Futures Forwards Options Swaps Examples of Underlying Assets are: Financial Securities Stocks Bonds Currencies Stock indices Commodities Metals (copper, gold, silver) Agricultural (corn, cotton, orange juice, coffee, cattle) Wood Energy Oil […]

Understanding relationships between return, diversifiable risk and undiversifiable risk

You may have heard of the phrase “risk it for the biscuit”, which basically means, to earn a reward, you must take risks. Sacrificing what you currently own for a better future. This concept applies in many cases in life, financial markets too. The logic behind “risk and return” is described by the nature of […]