Starbucks suffers a $3.2 billion loss – can the coffee giant recover?

COVID-19 is disrupting the retail industry. Retailers are closing stores, laying off employees, and radically restructuring their business models to suit the digital economy. Starbuck’s (NASDAQ: SBUX) slump in growth during the pandemic gives investors an insight into the suffering retail industry. Starbucks has fought hard to make coffee and SBUX inextricable. The question on […]

Nikola causes NIO to climb 100% – Is the Chinese EV stock now a raging bull?

The Electric Vehicle space is like a spider web. Endless EV companies are competing but also planning possible acquisitions and M&A. Thus it can be hard to navigate the spider web or even choose a potential winner. However, as time progresses, the future industry captains emerge. In is safe too say Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is […]

ADAP soars 150% on positive Phase 1 cancer trials – is a sell-off inevitable?

Why did the ADAP surge this week? Adaptimmune Therapeutics PLC (Nasdaq: ADAP) skyrocketed 128% on Friday. Investors rallied behind ADAP because of their positive phase 1 cancer trial. ADAP’s synovial sarcoma cancer candidate (ADP-A2M4) reported a 50% response rate in patients suffering from lung, head, and neck cancers. The phase 1 trial confirmed the safeness, […]

Evofem skyrockets after the FDA approves its birth control gel.

Why did the stock rise? Evofem made headlines after the FDA approved Evofem’s (NASDAQ: EVFM) new birth control gel “Phexxi.” Phexxi is an applicator that women insert before sex to prevent pregnancy. The FDA approved the drug through Phase 3 clinical trial, enrolling tests of 1,330 women. Evofem achieved an efficacy rate of 86.3%, which […]

US-China trade war escalations could create another bear market.

Before COVID-19, the tensions between the US and China were rising. The two economic powerhouses are already fighting over the origins of the virus, a trade war would see the relationship sink further. Many experts say that China and the US are in a “new type of cold war”. Especially as the level of trust […]

Is Afterpay a bubble ready to burst?

Why is APT soaring? Chinese tech giant Tencent bought a 5% equity share of Afterpay (ASX:APT) ASX investors then rallied behind APT, triggering a 30% surge. Tencent was attracted to Afterpay after seeing its rapid expansion in the US, gaining 4.4 million customers in 2 years. Before this news, many investors were sceptical about Afterpay […]

Australia pushes for a COVID-19 inquiry – what does this mean for the ASX?

The tensions between Australia and China are intensifying. The Australian government is pushing for an independent investigation into the origins of COVID-19. In retaliation, China accused Australia of parroting the United States in advocating an inquiry. The Chinese Ambassador, Cheng Jingye, warned Australia that Chinese consumers might  boycott Australian goods and services if they pursue […]

IMF forecasts 2020 to be worse than the GFC – is the false recovery over?

COVID-19 is taking away our loved ones, radically changing life as we know it, and causing the global economy to come to a standstill. The catastrophic economic repercussions of COVID-19 caused The International Monetary Fund (IMF) to release a revised economic outlook for 2020. The IMF forecast the global economy will fall by 3% (April), […]

Are you going to let these COVID-19 opportunities pass you by?

Panic, overinflated fear, and now false recoveries. Stimulus packages ,  RBA cuts , national lockdowns,  empty supermarket shelves,  rollercoaster activity on the stock market, and exponential escalations in the coronavirus death toll. After reading that, your brain might feel like it is travelling at a million miles an hour. Many investors may find it challenging to […]

Financial Market trend 2020 and beyond: ESG Investing

As we enter the 1styear of the 2020 decade, the YIG team thought it would be interesting to discuss about the future likely trend of the financial market. The team have figured ESG investing, specifically regards to climate change, will have a significant impact on the market. Whether you believe in Climate Change or not, […]

Breaking down the fundamentals of financial derivatives

Before I start, I am obliged to remind our viewers that this is not advice only general commentary from my extensive research in this area. What is a Derivative Security? A Derivative Security is a financial instrument whose value depends on the underlying asset. Examples of Derivative Securities are: Futures Forwards Options Swaps Examples of […]

Understanding relationships between return, diversifiable risk and undiversifiable risk

You may have heard of the phrase “risk it for the biscuit”, which basically means, to earn a reward, you must take risks. Sacrificing what you currently own for a better future. This concept applies in many cases in life, financial markets too. The logic behind “risk and return” is described by the nature of […]