Why this unknown ASX stock is flying under the radar in 2020?

2018 saw the creation of a new, exciting and very profitable industry in the US. The 2018 amendment of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 legalised sports betting. The law ‘cut the red ribbon’ so to speak and allowed investors to enter the million-dollar industry that is online sports betting. Each state […]

AEF surges 194%, showing that ethical investments is the way of the future.

Do you only invest in businesses that are developing a sustainable future? There is no right or wrong answer because each investor is different. Ethical businesses are growing in popularity. Especially as customers are placing their wallets with the businesses who sustain the environment, aid the local communities and operate under an ethical framework. On […]

How long will Afterpay and Zip Co be under the legal microscope?

  The rapidly emerging Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) market is shaking the investment and spending world. What started off as a revolutionary payment solution is now gaining criticism as an unethical payment solution. Despite each person having ‘micro debt’, which might appear okay at a surface level, if its multiplied by millions of people […]

Will PAR’s H1 2020 financials trigger a surge this week?

In my opinion, biotechnology is the most entertaining industry in the stock market. Why? Three reasons.   1) Biotech tends to be up even when the market is down. Because our ageing population continues to demand the best medicine to sustain a higher life expectancy.   2) Second, there is a range of top-quality biotechs […]

Will 2020 drive Cannabis growth or continue the bearish trend?

The cannabis industry evokes both unprecedented excitement and frustration in investors. Let me take you through the cannabis story. We first flashback to 2017 and 2018 where the industry was in a frenzy. Cannabis stocks began appearing left right and centre. The potential eye-watering returns saw investors rally behind these pot stocks. Resulting in endless […]

How will the $15 Billion TPG-Vodafone merger impact Telstra ?

When looking at the telecom industry we think of Telstra (ASX: TLS) and Optus. However, could the TPG-Vodafone merger put pressure on the telecom giants and change the industry? Time will tell. Today we will discuss the merger, whether the new ASX company is worth watching , and the impact on Telstra.   TPG/Vodafone Merger […]

Why did JB HI-FI’S HY 2020 financials shock the market?

JB HI-FI (ASX: JBH) is emerging as a popular, reliable and financially healthy stock in the recessionary retail market. JB HI-FI  rocked investors with their recent financials. JB HI-FI is becoming not only a store where we buy our family presents but also an attractive investment. Today we will discuss why JB Hi-Fi’s rise on […]

Does CUV’s 45% plummet provide a golden opportunity for investors?

Have you heard of Clinuvel Ltd (ASX: CUV)? The skin disorder company is famous in Germany and Australia. Clinuvel captivated investors in 2019 with an impressive 150% surge, leading to their high of $45 in October. However, CUV decreased 43% since its $45 high. Today we will discuss why Clinuvel’s plummet is an opportunity, what […]

3 vital lessons that the GFC taught us.

If you have 3 minutes, then read our uncomplicated, short and free crash course of the GFC. Every financial crisis teaches us invaluable lessons about the financial world, the stock market and how to make money. Here are 3 vital lessons that I learnt from the GFC that every young investor must understand.   Lesson […]

CSL up 928% in 10 years, will the exponential growth continue in 2020?

Commonwealth Serum Laboratories ASX: CSL, is one of the world’s most talked-about biotech companies. Therefore, it is no surprise that when CSL reached $321 (5/02/2020) the media attention surrounding the company exploded. Today we are discussing CSL’s financials, 2020 outlook and whether they are worth the investment in 2020. Financials Positives Investor excitement around CSL […]

Will IMU’s cancer trials cause a surge in stock price?

Imugene Ltd (ASX:IMU) has one of the most exciting stock stories in the biotech industry. Why? Because IMU strives to cure cancer, through a range of new Immuno oncology therapies. Today we will discuss IMU’s recent price sensitive events (PSE) and 2020 outlook. Here is a simplified run down of IMU’s product pipeline. CF33 CF33 […]

5 hidden ASX companies surged today while the market was down

The ASX 200 opened 1.5% lower this morning as investors reacted to global fears; as Chinese markets fell 9% at open and the Coronavirus continues to spread across China. The Australian transport industry was mildly hit this morning with QAN opening 3.8% lower.  However, QAN recovered closing near it’s friday closing price of $6.44. It was the […]

Why this ASX cannabis stock is the only one worth watching in 2020?

Every cannabis stock has its story. Ecofibre (ASX: EOF) experienced an 88% YTD increase since listing at $1.70 back in March 2019. Unlike, your traditional cannabis company EOF operates under a unique business model. EOF’s cannabis footprint covers medicinal cannabis, plant-based protein and HEMP. EOF strives to use cannabis to change people’s lives. First, by […]

Has the coronavirus created a possible entry for PAR ?

If you have not heard of Paradigm BioPharmaceuticals (ASX: PAR) then today is your lucky day. PAR is an Australian BioPharmaceutical company that aims to alleviate the cartilage degradation of Osteoarthritis (OA) through their repurposed drug Zilosul. PAR surged by an impressive 253% YTD. Meaning if you invested $10,000 in January 2019 and sold today […]

Crash Course of the 2007-2008 GFC

After the dotcom crash in the 2000s, investors wanted to find a low-risk high return investment. Investors turned to the US housing market. Investors didn’t want to purchase your parent’s mortgages individually. Instead, financial institutions bought Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS). A Mortgage Back Security is where a financial institution purchases thousands of mortgages, bundles them […]

Can EML produce another 280% annual growth in 2020?

The innovation in the payment industry is only the beginning. Whether you are an investor or not, we all purchase products. How you purchase your products is the real question? Do you use Afterpay, a credit card, Split it Payments or just your hard-earned money in the bank? The broad range at which we can […]

As global lithium appetite surges, ASX stock is ready to capitilise

Pilbara Minerals Ltd (ASX: PLS) is an Australian lithium mining company. PLS’s Pilgangoora Lithium-Tantalum Project in WA, is one of world’s largest lithium ore deposits. The sheer production of the Pilganagoora Project, being 2 million tonnes per annum, could capitulate PLS as a market leader in the multibillion-dollar lithium industry.     Financials   Positives  PLS only […]

Company invests 28 million in secret ASX stock

Gambling your hard earned money on sports, poker or the races is not a wise investment. Because the odds are stacked against you.   However, investing in betting companies with healthy financials, large market share and upside potential seems the smarter decision.  It’s like the phrase “Never buy McDonald’s just buy their stock”. Gambling is not […]

Is the highest ASX cannabis performer worth the investment during 2020?

Over 2019 Cann Group Ltd (ASX: CAN) plummeted by 82% . In turn, investors sold their shares and CAN appeared to be another speculative cannabis stock. However, CAN surged by 177% in the first three weeks of 2020. Consequently, CAN’s impressive increase makes it the best ASX cannabis stock performer in 2020*. Why has CAN […]

Formula 1 company driving stock growth in 2020?

PWR Holdings (ASX: PWH) is an Australian technology company. PWR focuses on delivering, manufacturing and engineering innovative radiators, oil coolers and intercoolers for racing, military, high-performance cars and automotive. Despite originating in Australia, PWR is creating a unique reputation throughout the EU and US industries. Technology is changing rapidly. PWR’s survival depends on their ability […]