Snap stock forecast 2021 – are the bulls too confident?

In a social media-driven world it should not shock you that the bulls are cheerleading a strong 2021 run for Snapchat. The contagious photography platform is expanding its customer base during the pandemic, which is pleasing to investors in terms of financial growth. While the bulls are telling a story of bodacious financial, customer, and share price growth come 2021, an investment does hold risk.… Read more

Fastly stock forecast for 2025

Fastly’s (NASDAQ: FSLY) meteoric 2020 rise is making investors incredibly bullish for 2025. The American cloud service turned heads yesterday as the bulls drove a 13% rally in a day. However, optimism and extreme valuations can be a trap for some investors, especially in the technology industry.… Read more

American Airlines stock predictions 2020 and beyond

American Airlines (NASDAQ: AAL) might be too big to fail, but are they too damaged to recover. Investors are banking on the pent-up passenger demand, stimulus packages, and government bailouts to trigger a long-term bullish recovery. However, nightmarish financials, the transition from corporate travel to internet communication, and record low passenger levels make a turnaround unlikely.… Read more

Nikola stock forecast – are the JP Morgan bulls right or too optimistic?

Nikola Motors (NASDAQ: NKLA) is a volatility seesaw. Today’s positive press release saw Nikola bulls fling the bears into the air. However, alarming criticisms from Hindenburg research, sexual allegations against Trevor Milton, and a GM fallout could see the bears regain control of the seesaw. Thus, today’s article will look to break down and simplify the bearish and bullish Nikola stock forecasts.… Read more

AMD Q3 earnings forecast – are the bulls right?

AMD earnings are causing quite the bullish party on Wall Street. Significant growth in the PC, gaming, and cloud server business is the driving catalyst for the bullish forecast. Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD) releases Q3 earnings on the 27th of October. Options activity, analysts, and current financials all point towards expected or better than expected earnings.… Read more