Bausch Health rises 25% on bad earnings – is this pump a trap for retail investors?

Bausch Health’s (NASDAQ: BHC) pre-market rally is causing the ears of investors to prick up as the word gets out. While the sentiment appears to be positive at the moment investors could be in for a rollercoaster at the bell. Considering the pre-market is a usually a façade for the trading day, many investors are […]

Sorrento Therapeutics soars 10% from Jim Crammer’s bullish outlook – should investors avoid shorting SRNE?

Sorento Therapeutics (NASDAQ: SRNE) is causing Wall Street to divide. Some bears are adamant that Sorrento will become a COVID-19 stock that will fade in a few months. Whereas the bulls are aggressively buying up SRNE shares as they believe the biotech has not even come close to its true value. While the overall war […]

Google signs $450 million home security deal with ADT – here’s everything you need to know

Despite Google’s (NASDAQ: ALPHABET) monstrous size, they are always looking for new markets to tap into and dominate. Yesterday the tech giant grew its market foothold in the home security space after investing $450 million into ADT. ADT supplies secuity for residential and small businesses throughout America. The partnership triggered a buying frenzy on Wallstreet […]

Seven Eleven buys out Marathon’s Speedway for $21 billion – does YIG see value?

Seven & I Holdings (TYO: 3382) took a bold move on Sunday by agreeing to buy out Speedway gas stations (NYSE: MPC). Despite the dollar tag, investors wonder whether buying up gas stations when the demand for oil is low was smart. Ultimately causing some apprehension as to whether investors should back Seven & I […]

SHL acquires Varian Medical Systems to create a gigantic US cancer company – here is everything you need to know.

Varian Medical Systems (NYSE: VAR) grabbed the stock market microphone to announce that it will be bought out by the German technology behemoth Siemens Healthineers. Some investors might view the transaction as one company swallowing another. However, the acquisition marks a quantum leap in the cancer fight. Considering cancer treatments are the crown jewels of […]

Li Xiang jumps 40% on IPO – here is everything you need to know

Li Xang (NASDAQ: LI), an electric vehicle (EV) company, soared 40% on its market debut yesterday. At face value, an investment sounds excellent. Because all EV stocks are rising and it is one day after IPO, so bullish momentum should still be there. However, beneath the water lie sharks such as the ruthless competition of […]

Kandi Technologies climbs 200% on EV expansion into the US – Does YIG see value

The unrealistic gain train keeps on churning as Kandi Technologies (NASDAQ: KNDI) 200% rise is only a day after Kodak’s 300% surge. Kandi is a Chinese Electric Vehicle (EV) maker. Thus it should not be surprising that after their U.S. expansion announcement, we see retail and intuitional investors flock to the stock. Especially as EV […]

Kodak surges 300% on US government COVID-19 deal – does YIG see value in an investment?

Kodak (NYSE: KODK) was suffering from its multi-year downward trend as the iPhone made the Kodak camera look like a dinosaur. However, out of nowhere, the camera company launched itself back on the investing scene after securing a $765 million COVID-19 deal. Kodak will now play a critical role in producing key materials and chemicals […]

Tailored Brands heads for Bankruptcy – Does YIG see value in this Hertz like investment?

Tailored Brands (NYSE: TLRD) bankruptcy is the headline that is spreading wild. While it remains a claim, investors are wondering whether they should invest. Because most investors hear bankruptcy and think of the rental car company Hertz (NASDAQ: HTZ), which made some investors money. Like most insolvency cases there are always competing arguments over the […]

Is Gold ETF GLD a smart investment during COVID – here’s what you need to know

SPDR Gold ETF (ARCX:GLD), like most gold investment vehicles, is gaining significant investor backing during these turbulent times. Economic expectations are changing daily with the virus. Ultimately leaving investors confused as to whether to play gold for the long term, short term, or even not at all. Table of contents 1. How does the Gold […]