CVS stock forecast 2021 – will the healthcare giant bounce back?

CVS Health (NASDAQ: CVS) stock has been going on a rollercoaster ride in 2020 so far. The start of the year was promising as the healthcare giant hit 52-week highs. Unfortunately, COVID-19 sent CVS spiraling down. Investors are currently unsure what is in store for CVS come 2021 and beyond. Especially, as the CVS stock […]

Is Peloton stock bullish for 2021?

The stellar run for home fitness in 2020 is making many investors ask is Peloton (NASDAQ: PTON) stock bullish for 2021? The virus elevated Peloton to one of the highest points in the online fitness arena. However, the slow transition back to regular gym life is forcing Peloton to adapt its business model. Will Peloton’s […]

Will the Teva stock recover after a 10% sell-off?

Will Teva stock recover from the recent bloodbath? It is the big question institutions and retail investors are asking. On one end, investors believe the lawsuit and stagnating financials will cripple Teva. Conversely, the bullish hedge funds argue that Teva holds value in the long-term. Thus, today’s article will breakdown the recent sell-off, which institutions […]

Institutions bought in before the $1 billion PIC XL Fleet merger – Here’s what you must know now

Pivotal Investment Corporation II (NYSE: PIC) shocked the investing world on Friday after announcing their merger with EV technology provider XL Fleet. Investors immediately bought shares in PIC to secure their position before the news spread. However, the question on everyone’s mind, is did Friday’s investors and hedge funds jump the gun? Thus, today’s article […]

FDA gives Sorrento Therapeutics the green light to begin Phase I COVID-19 trials – Should you short?

Sorrento Therapeutics (NASDAQ: SRNE) is putting on a volatility show this week. The bulls were leading the charge at the start of the week but took a big rest on Wednesday, which saw SRNE pullback by 12%. All bullish hope seemed lost. However, today the FDA gave Sorrento the green light to begin phase I […]

$4 billion IPOB Opendoor merger is set to revolutionise the real estate market

Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp. II (NYSE: IPOB) stole a huge part of the spotlight after announcing a $4.8 billion SPAC with Opendoor. The digital real estate disruptor should make this one of the hottest SPACs of 2020. However, as the bulls rush in to snap up IPOB shares is shorting the SPAC a smart […]

Unity Software IPO – Here’s what you need to know about the $1 billion tech company

Unity Software (NYSE: U) IPO is making noise on Wall Street ahead of Friday’s debut. Some investors are claiming Unity to be one of the hottest software IPOs of 2020. Especially as the valuation is a billion dollars. Today’s article will breakdown the IPO, Unity’s product offering, and everything investors must know before investing.   […]

When will SPAQ become Fisker – here’s what you need to know

Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp (NYSE: SPAQ) is rallying up the bulls as we inch closer to the SPAQ Fisker merger. Investors are expecting to ride the bullish undertone in the lead up to the merger. However, below the surface, a SPAQ Fisker investment is exhibiting risks that investors must know. Thus, today’s article will explain […]

NKLA stock forecast – who is right, the GM bulls or the Hindenburg bears?

Nikola’s (NASDAQ: NKLA) price action is mimicking that of a rollercoaster. The NKLA stock forecast 2021 is changing weekly, making it difficult for investors to understand the underlying sentiment. It seems NKLA’s volatility provides an El Dorado of riches to some investors. In contrast, others are left at the side of the road. Thus, today’s […]

Starboard Value Acquisition Corp IPO – everything you need to know before investing

Starboard Value Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: SVACU) is sliding onto NASDAQ this Friday, 11th September. Main Street does not focus on this SPAC as retail investors hone in on the trending blank check companies such as SHLL, SPAQ, and HCAC. However, some investors are contemplating a Starboard investment. Because if SVACU land an acquisition, then investing […]

General Electric stock 2021 forecast – have all the 2020 bears left yet?

General Electric’s stock (NYSE: GE) shapes up for a comeback as we enter 2021. However, claiming a 2021 bullish run is a bold claim. Because the GE stock is down 48% YTD. Nonetheless, today’s article will break down both sides of the 2021 argument for our readers and provide YIG’s take on a General Electric […]

Lululemon’s future post Q2 earnings – Does YIG see value in the fitness apparel giant?

Lululemon (NASDAQ: LULU), one of the world’s most-loved yoga-gear retailers, is bobbing and weaving the viruses punches as LULU is up 54% YTD. LULU’s earnings are tomorrow, which is causing the bears and bulls to divide. Some analysts adamantly believe LULU’s reputation will see the stock continue to rise into 2021. Whereas the bears are […]

The Apple bull is expected to steam into 2021 – Here’s what you need to know

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is arguably the most talked-about and traded stock in the 2020 market. The Apple bull shrugged off the February and March bears and climbed 139% since the bottom. However, Apple’s meteoric rise is attracting a fair amount of pessimists leading into 2021. Especially as the economic carnage continues and speculations of a […]