NIO 2021 forecast – Does YIG see value in the EV dark horse?

NIO (NYSE: NIO) captivated the EV market in 2020. However, 2020 will soon become history as we enter 2021. Thus, NIO investors are itching to uncover whether the 2021 forecasts are bullish or bearish. Considering NIO is taking on the nickname the “Tesla of China”, we could assume that the projections are bullish. Nonetheless, YIG […]

Brookline Capital’s $50 million IPO is bearish and bullish – here’s what you need to know.

Brookline Capital Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: BCACU) is going public on Friday. However, with 2020 being an IPO frenzy, understanding which companies to investigate further is tough. Especially, as valuations leading up to IPOs can be deceptive. Today’s article will explain who Brookline Capital is to our readers and what you need to know before investing. […]

ITACU’s 2020 IPO hype is going unnoticed on main street – Does YIG see potential?

Industrial Tech Acquisitions Incorporated (NASDAQ: ITACU) is gaining momentum ahead of its IPO on the 9th September, yet it’s all quiet on the media front. Astronomical surges are now commonplace in the COVID-19 stockmarket, all because of volatility. However, retail investors often hear about the company after the unrealistic gains happen. Ultimately resulting in one […]

Hennessy Capital is riding the EV SPAC bull – does YIG see value beyond the merger?

Hennessy Capital LLC (NASDAQ: HCAC) is Wall Street’s rising SPAC star as they intend to merge with EV company Canoo. The merger will see yet another EV stock enter the market with uncontrollable momentum. Many investors seem to be getting in on HCAC in the lead up until the merger, all with the expectation of […]

Zoom looks to post record earnings- Does YIG see value?

Zoom Video Communications (NASDAQ: ZM) is now the poster boy for working at home, socialising during the pandemic, and the bullish technology market. Zoom earnings are just around the corner, 31st August, which is causing share price expectations to polarise. While Wall Street expects Zoom to post another blowout earnings report, Zoom’s future remains unclear. […]

Applied UV looks bullish ahead of Monday’s IPO – Does YIG see value?

Applied UV (NASDAQ: AUVI) is stepping onto the NASDAQ next Monday through a traditional IPO. However, the biotechnology company is receiving little to no coverage in the lead up to its big day. The absence of market commentary is not necessarily a bad sign as retail investors often hear about a company after the big […]

Fluidigm soars 25% on COVID-19 FDA approval – here’s what you need to know

Fluidigm Corporation (NASDAQ: FLDM) just became a bull-market magnet as its COVID-19 saliva kit received FDA approval. Optimism is high in pre-market trading as some bullish investors believe this is news to send FLDM soaring. However, the bears are screaming that a pump and dump is coming at the bell. The division in sentiment causes […]

Afterpay and ZIP rally 20% before Thursday’s earnings – Does YIG see value?

Afterpay (ASX: APT) and Zip Co (ASX: Z1P) are putting on an impressive show before Thursday’s earnings with APT, and Z1P eyeing $100, and $10 respectively. The BNPL rockets seem to be poised for blast off come Thursday as institutions, main street, and analysts remain bullish. However, as the BNPL hill climbs higher, could a […]

OKTA rallies 10% before earnings – Does YIG see value or hype?

Okta (NASDAQ: OKTA), a cloud software company for user identification, is causing optimism to erupt within investors ahead of this Thursday’s earnings. Considering all tech stocks are experiencing support from the raging bull, Okta’s bullish expectations should be no surprise. Today’s article will provide our readers with an objective breakdown of the earnings expectations and […]

Gevo stock roars 230% on billion dollar renewable energy deal – Does YIG see value?

Gevo Incorporated (NASDAQ: GEVO) walked up the stock market podium to announce its largest renewable energy contract in history. The news instantly ignited a buying frenzy on Wall Street. Investors who missed Thursday’s boat are wondering whether the Friday boat will bring them a capital gain. However, investor optimism receives considerable criticism from the bears […]

SPAQ surges 30% as the hedge funds buy in before Fisker merger – Does YIG see value?

Spartan Energy Acquisition (NYSE: SPAQ), soon to be merging with Fisker, is the new EV kid on the block. While SPAQ is relatively fresh on the scene, its meteoric rise mirrors that of EV controversy Nikola Motors. However, the SPAQ momentum is starting to find a more sustainable equilibrium. Because after the Fisker merger announcement, […]

Genius Brands set to surge off Q2 earnings – here’s what you need to know

Genius Brands’ (NASDAQ: GNUS) Q2 earnings are generating significant noise on Wall Street. Some investors agree with the management and are proclaiming the results were impressive. At the same time, bearish investors are exposing the flaws in the financial reports, in particular dilution issues. The polarising entertainment company is down 80% in the past two […]

After rising 50% on Friday is Mesoblast now a good investment ahead of COVID-19 trials?

Mesoblast (ASX: MSB) (NASDAQ: MESO) was on our portfolio since May. However, volume started to climb higher this week as an advisory committee voted in favour of Mesoblasts pediatric drug remestemcel-L (Rynocil). The positive catalyst triggered a Mesoblast buying party on the ASX and the NASDAQ. For now, investors are optimistic about Mesoblast’s medium-long term […]