Genius Brands set to surge off Q2 earnings – here’s what you need to know

Genius Brands’ (NASDAQ: GNUS) Q2 earnings are generating significant noise on Wall Street. Some investors agree with the management and are proclaiming the results were impressive. At the same time, bearish investors are exposing the flaws in the financial reports, in particular dilution issues. The polarising entertainment company is down 80% in the past two […]

After rising 50% on Friday is Mesoblast now a good investment ahead of COVID-19 trials?

Mesoblast (ASX: MSB) (NASDAQ: MESO) was on our portfolio since May. However, volume started to climb higher this week as an advisory committee voted in favour of Mesoblasts pediatric drug remestemcel-L (Rynocil). The positive catalyst triggered a Mesoblast buying party on the ASX and the NASDAQ. For now, investors are optimistic about Mesoblast’s medium-long term […]

SHLL jumps 15% as the smart money pours in – does YIG see value?

Tortoise Acquisition Group (NYSE: SHLL) first attracted the wallets of Wall Street when they announced their intention to acquire EV company Hyliion. The hype started to die down as the SHLL merger is still another month away. However, today Tortoise Acquisition surged 15% on what seems to be no news. Bullish investors hold their finger […]

Cisco falls on strong Q4 earnings – here’s everything you need to know

You might know Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CISCO) as the alive dinosaur in the IT and network world. Cisco’s strong Q4 earnings reaffirm its king like status. However, their Q1 earnings guidance disappointed Wall Street. Some investors are confused as to whether or not to jump on the CSCO train. Because on the one hand you […]

U.S government orders 100 million doses of Moderna’s vaccine, yet insiders are selling – here’s what you need to know

Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA), alongside Novavax, is running at full speed in the vaccine race. The Trump Administration’s recent agreement with Moderna to order 100 million doses adds to the argument that MRNA is at the front of the pack. While the announcement is a positive catalyst, investors are doubtful that we will see an enormous […]

Twilio rises 300% on cloud software hype – Does YIG see value?

Twilio (NYSE: TWLO) is the industry captain of cloud communications. A raging bull market and a digital economy drove the software company to unchartered territories. After the Twilio stock price rose, 300% investors were keen on buying shares. However, the recent 12% drop has made investors skeptical about whether a TWLO investment is worth it. […]

INO falls 8% ahead of today’s earnings – does YIG see value?

Inovio Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: INO) is probably the most controversial COVID-19 play of 2020. Some investors are incredibly bullish on the vaccine frontrunner claiming the stock will be near Novavax very soon. However, many investors are pessimistic about INO, claiming it is a COVID-19 star fizzling out. Initially, the bulls seemed to be right as INO […]

The Teladoc Health Stock is up 200% – is it too late to get?

Medicine is changing, and the Teladoc Health stock (NASDAQ: TDOC) is at the cusp of the industry transformation. Teladoc Health allows users to access expert medical advice, organise medical records, manage health risks, and enter virtual mental health appointments at the touch of a button. Teladoc Health recently acquired biotech giant Livongo (NASDAQ: LVNGO). However, […]

Robinhood traders lose 50% on Nikola Motors – Does YIG see value?

Nikola Motors’ (NASDAQ: NKLA) meteoric rise sucked in an enormous amount of Robinhood investors, professional investors, and criticism. Many investors are in no man’s land as the future direction of Nikola remains uncertain. Some investors are championing the shorting route, while others believe in that Nikola Motors is just suffering a setback. Thus, today’s article […]

54,000 Robinhood traders bought Rocket Companies on Friday – Does YIG see value ?

Mortgages are more than just a loan from a bank, they represent people’s hopes and dreams. Customers reward the businesses who satisfy the needs of mortgagors the best with truckloads of cash, which brings us to this week’s stock Rocket Companies (NYSE: RKT). Rocket companies is an online mortgage and car loan lender. The business […]

Bausch Health rises 25% on bad earnings – is this pump a trap for retail investors?

Bausch Health’s (NASDAQ: BHC) pre-market rally is causing the ears of investors to prick up as the word gets out. While the sentiment appears to be positive at the moment investors could be in for a rollercoaster at the bell. Considering the pre-market is a usually a façade for the trading day, many investors are […]

Sorrento Therapeutics soars 10% from Jim Cramer’s bullish outlook – should investors avoid shorting SRNE?

Sorento Therapeutics (NASDAQ: SRNE) is causing Wall Street to divide. Some bears are adamant that Sorrento will become a COVID-19 stock that will fade in a few months. Whereas the bulls are aggressively buying up SRNE shares as they believe the biotech has not even come close to its true value. While the overall war […]

Google signs $450 million home security deal with ADT – here’s everything you need to know

Despite Google’s (NASDAQ: ALPHABET) monstrous size, they are always looking for new markets to tap into and dominate. Yesterday the tech giant grew its market foothold in the home security space after investing $450 million into ADT. ADT supplies secuity for residential and small businesses throughout America. The partnership triggered a buying frenzy on Wallstreet […]