What if you invested in Facebook the same day you first joined?

With a market cap of $620 billion USD and over 2.37 billion active users worldwide there is no doubt Facebook is one of the most profound companies across the globe. In recent articles, we have looked at the current world events such as the Effect of the Coronavirus on Apple’s revenue and how new legislation is effecting […]

Apple set to dip as Coronavirus impacts Guidance for March

Apple (APPL) warned investors that they were unlikely to hit their March guidance figures due to a major disruption in manufacturing across China. The coronavirus has taken it’s toll on the tech giant as factories across China have had major disruptions in production. It’s pre-market suggests a 6% dip in share price at open, which may […]

Elon Musk set to be the world’s richest man – what you can take from his success

In recent weeks, Tesla’s stock price has surged as investors rallied, sending the price into the stratosphere. Our recent articles covered why the stock surged but now we look into the man behind the scenes, Elon Musk. Interestingly, the billionaire CEO doesn’t get paid a salary, instead is paid options of Tesla’s stock. These options are […]

The Big 3 Nasdaq stocks worth watching come market open

NASDAQ has seen record-breaking highs this week as investors regain confidence in the security of American stocks. Amidst the success, Tesla (NASDAQ: TLSA), Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN)and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL)all experienced a healthy increase over the week. Making the NASDAQ giants worth watching when the market opens tomorrow. But let’s find out why? It is no […]

Amazon reaches an all-time high – is it too late to buy shares?

In recent weeks, the world has been closely watching the Tesla share price as investors rallied, pushing the stock into all-time highs before quickly correcting at $750. However, the E-commerce giant Amazon has also been smashing records this week getting as high as $2183.00 on Tuesday 12th of February. This has caused some concern whether or […]

What to expect when Tesla opens Thursday morning

Tesla investors were hit with a 21% plunge on Wednesday following an incredible rally lasting two weeks. There was a general consensus that Tesla’s stock price would undergo a market correction at some point in time. As the stock continued to grow at an un-precidented rate the amount of risk entering the stock increased 10 […]

BNPL industry update – Z1P and Afterpay continue to grow while CBA backs Klarna to take over

The BNPL industry had an incredible come up in 2019, with Afterpay dominating the market and ZIP Co heating up the competition. The BNPL industry has seen significant growth as more Australian consumers turn to BNPL companies as an interest-free way of consuming goods. The industry it’s self, is an exciting prospect for investors as it […]

Tesla predicted to hit $7000 by 2024 says ARK Investment Management

Tesla’s recent share price surge may only be the start, according to ARK Investment Management. A recent price target set by ARK shows some very opportunistic views on Tesla’s future in the auto-mobile industry. For many investors, a $7000 price target in 5 years seems quite out of the question, however their research explains how […]

Tesla stock enters the stratosphere-leaving investors clueless on it’s next move

Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) start to 2020 has been nothing short of a spectacle. It was only in June 2019 that Tesla’s stock was hovering under $200 with speculation the company was struggling financially. Fast track 7 months and the stock is currently priced at $650.57 USD, quite a remarkable rally that still hasn’t given in underneath […]

Coronavirus driving markets down – providing market opportunists a nice entry price

Global fears in recent months have been very short lived – such as the conflict between USA and Iran and now what we know as the Corona virus outbreak. As we mention time and time again, what makes a successful investor is their ability to hold through troughs and furthermore buy when the markets are down. […]

An $800 investment in Amazon at IPO would now be worth over $1,000,000

Amazon is currently priced at $1,861.64 (AMZN), a 120,000% price increase since it’s IPO in 1997. Amazon’s come up is nothing short of remarkable, with the distribution giant reaching $1 Trillion in market cap. The common response to my last article regarding how investing $40k in Tesla would have made you a millionaire, was that […]

BHP set for a strong year with Iron Ore prices stubbornly high

Formed in 2001, the merger between Broken Hill Proprietary and Billiton proved to be a decision that resulted in the organisation becoming one of the largest diversified commodity companies in the world. Posting $61.51 billion in revenue last year, the company has adapted to the change in demand for iron ore from international giants such […]

Demystifying Cryptocurrency – what is it and is it safe?

As an investor, my strategy is to analyse key financial information within a company as well as determine whether the stock is undervalued or if any PSE’s will allow for a nice entry price. So it’s fair to say writing on a Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin would not be my area of expertise, however I […]

PAR on the rise with a strong 6 month growth of 120%

Paradigm Co (PAR:ASX) has been one of our top performing stocks which we’ve been closely following since we started Youth Investment Group. We first noticed Paradigm bouncing around $1.85 and saw it’s potential. Since then, PAR has risen over 120% to $3.95 at close on Friday afternoon. PAR typically tends to bounce around during the week, allowing […]

If you invested $40k in Tesla at IPO, you’d now be a millionaire

In recent weeks, Tesla have been crushing all expectations as the stock has soared to $524.86 by Monday afternoon (NASDAQ). The recent movements have been very hard to predict as more and more speculators are getting onboard. At $200 in May 2019, many people believed Telsa was overpriced and that it was unlikely to see anymore […]

Understanding how the evolving US-Iran crisis will impact the markets

From 2019 we learnt that the market was becoming more and more volatile with social media playing a critical role in the instantaneous movements in global markets. In recent days, we have seen the ongoing events of the US-Iranian conflict that has sparked global attention. Fears of a full-blown war have manifested a landslide on […]

Where I’d invest $10,000 in January 2020

The feedback from my recent article relating to investing with $100k Capital, was that my picks held too much risk for many people’s liking. Taking that into consideration, I’ve decided to put together a more conservative portfolio with $10k capital. This amount is a lot more realistic for younger investors as well as the everyday […]

Macquarie Group set for a big 2020 – is it too late to buy shares?

The Sydney-based investment bank has seen incredible success posting a double-digit increase in profits this year from 3.464 billion (before tax 2018) to 3.867 billion in 2019. They also posted a net profit margin in September of 29.6%, a Y/Y increase of 12%. It’s long term potential is quite remarkable due to it’s five specific operating […]

How to start investing when you’re in University or College

The two biggest questions I get asked in relation to investing are where would I invest? And how much money do I need to invest? These queries are the reason many young people neglect the idea of investing as it can be quite a daunting experience with your money at stake. Being at University can […]

Can you make money trading off Trump’s tweets alone?

There is no doubt Trump has made a name for himself as the 45th President of the United States. Only 3 of these Presidents have been impeached in the history of the United States and of these three, only one has been able to move the market so significantly with a Twitter account. It is […]