Lordstown Motors is surging – here’s the 2021 forecast

Lordstown stock forecast 2021

Lordstown Motors (NASDAQ:RIDE) ticker officially debuted on Wallstreet yesterday after the completion of its reversed merger with DiamondPeak Holdings (SPAC). The company received $675 million from the SPAC in funding to bolster their manufacturing and distribution of their EV Pickup truck model “Endurance”. Lordstown Motors gained national attention after President Trump had viewed the pick up truck at the White House in September.… Read more

How to invest in the US stock market from Australia?

Will Hyliion stock bounce back

The US stock market is host to the best performing market indices across the globe. The US market is made up of two large exchanges, of which buyers and sellers can trade shares in US listed companies. The NASDAQ and NYSE are host to some of the largest corporations in the world, of which own 40% of market capitalisation across the world.… Read more

Cassava Sciences surges 148% on final phase 2 results

Cassava Sciences (NASDAQ:SAVA) held a conference this morning announcing promising Phase 2b trial results in treating patients with mild-moderate Alzheimer’s Disease. The company uses the drug Sumifilam to treat AD by reducing neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation. The results announced via conference call concluded that the data shows a promising increase in cognitive bio-markers within AD patients – an impressive feat for the AD treatment pioneer.… Read more

Breaking down the fundamentals of financial derivatives

Before I start, I am obliged to remind our viewers that this is not advice only general commentary from my extensive research in this area.

What is a Derivative Security?

A Derivative Security is a financial instrument whose value depends on the underlying asset.

Examples of Derivative Securities are:

  • Futures
  • Forwards
  • Options
  • Swaps

Examples of Underlying Assets are:

  • Financial Securities
    • Stocks
    • Bonds
    • Currencies
    • Stock indices
  • Commodities
    • Metals (copper, gold, silver)
    • Agricultural (corn, cotton, orange juice, coffee, cattle)
    • Wood
  • Energy
    • Oil products, natural gas
    • Electricity


A Futures Contract is an agreement between a buyer (long position) and a seller (short position), to buy or sell the underlying asset at a certain time in the future (which is the maturity date), with a predetermined price.… Read more