Mesoblast set to surge off COVID-19 stem cell trials.

The world is in dire need of a COVID-19 treatment. A vaccine is the plan b for the long-term. However, governments can take action immediately through COVID-19 treatments and testing. Mesoblast (NASDAQ:MESO) and (ASX:MSB), an Australian biotech is developing a stem cell treatment (Remestemcel-L), for COVID-19. The primary reason people die from COVID-19 is due […]

CODX up 2000% and looking to pioneer COVID-19 testing.

The biotech world is in a frenzy. Testing kit and vaccine companies are experiencing extreme investor backing. Despite occasional pump and dumps, the explosive share price growth for biotechs is continuing. However, a vaccine is not the answer because time is not on our side. Also, if you look at Ebola, Zika, and Sars2, a […]

Novavax look to be the COVID-19 vaccine winner after surging 120%.

Novavax (NASDAQ:NVAX) is set to surge come market open with pre-market up 13% (at the time of writing). Novavax captured the wallets of investors last week when they received $384 million in vaccine funding from CEPI. This week NVAX is expected to captivate investors with a new all time-high. Which seems achievable especially if last […]

Quidel stock to pounce after FDA approves rapid antigen COVID-19 test?

The Food and Drug Administration approved the emergency use of Quidel Corporations (NASDAQ:QDEL) rapid antigen testing for use across the country. In recent weeks, antigen testing for COVID-19 has sparked speculation amongst investors – being marked as one of the biggest opportunities in our current market. This year alone has seen Quidel stock reach all […]

Moderna (MRNA) set to cure COVID-19 – is now the time to invest?

MRNA’s key COVID-19 developments so far US government is willing to fund mRNA-173 through every trial until regulatory approval. Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) is ready to give Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA) $483 million to expedite mRNA-173 through clinical development. Lonza Group, via its agreement with Moderna, is manufacturing mRNA-173 at their US and […]

Gilead prepared to surge after FDA approval of COVID-19 treatment Remdesivir

Trump announced on Friday that the US Food and Drug Administration has cleared the emergency use of Remdesivir as a COVID-19 treatment. Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ:GILD) will play a vital role in producing 1.5 million doses for patients across the US suffering critical complications from COVID-19. The now infamous Remdesivir has made headlines over the past […]

Here’s why Clinuvel could skyrocket this week?

Clinuvel (ASX: CUV), arguably one the best biotechs on the market, is trading at 35-40% of its true value (based on my research, not advice). CUV specialise in treating patients who suffer from severe skin disorders. If the name CUV or Clinuvel sounds foreign, then I suggest reading our digestible, free and extensive report here. […]

How Gilead drove a US rally based on optimism.

The Dow Jones rallied upwards of 700 points on Friday as Gilead’s (NASDAQ:GILD) “Wonder Drug”  has shown promising results according to a Chicago University source. The video of Infectious Disease Professor Kathleen Mullane, goes into some detail over the success of Remdesivir in recent trials with patients reporting fast recoveries from COVID-19. Now if you […]

BREAKING: NASDAQ stock shows “100% survival rate” on new COVID-19 treatment

Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: PSTI) has made groundbreaking progress in the treatment for COVID-19 in treating severely ill patients. Pluristem uses PLX stem therapy on patients that have critical complications due to COVID-19. The Israeli based biotech released a statement on Monday : confirming they had been cleared by the FDA to proceed with the […]

Does JNJ’s COVID-19 vaccine and 6.3% dividend boost make them a recession-proof stock?

What do Listerine, baby powder, and band-aids all have in common? All of these household products are part of the pharmaceutical conglomerate Johnson and Johnson (NYSE: JNJ). It appears that the pharmaceutical mammoth is immune to the pandemic. While airlines, cruise ships, and travel agents are being hammered, JNJ is almost at a full V […]

WORX makes breakthrough deal on COVID-19 testing – is it too late to invest?

SCworx Corp (WORX: NASDAQ) had a historical day yesterday opening from $2.25 and catapulting itself to highs of $14.00 before closing the ride at $12.02. It is remarkably rare to see gains at this level over one day. The sublime increase came after Scworx Corp announced they had received a purchase “provision” for 48 million […]

If Mesoblast develops a COVID-19 treatment, could they become the next CSL?

The world needs a vaccine. Because people want their quality of life to return to normal. People do not want to continue entertaining the idea of COVID-19 taking away their loved ones. Our demand for a cure is sparking a drug development frenzy in the biotech sphere. A tsunami of biotechs are now in the […]

Gilead Sciences wonder drug showing promise in the COVID-19 battle

Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ:GILD) has made promising progress in the treatment of COVID-19 with their drug Remdesivir. The US Bio-tech giant conducted a trial with 53 patients with COVID-19 in the US, Canada and Europe. All 53 patients were considered to have severe complications due to the virus, all needing respiratory support. “The majority of patients […]

Hoth Therapeutics gaining ground in the race for a COVID-19 vaccine

In recent weeks, Biotech companies across the globe have been collaborating together to produce a COVID-19 vaccine for global production and distribution. The reward for such an accomplishment would add prestige and intrinsic value at a scale we have never witnessed. The vaccine will save millions of lives in the years to follow, as well as […]

Could ZNO skyrocket as the Coronavirus escalates?

The number of Coronavirus cases crosses 100,000, stocks plummet to multi-year record lows on the Black Monday of 2020, and Italy is forced into lockdown. Pretty grimm news for people around the world, investors and governments. Just when we thought things could not get any worse the World Health Organisation (WHO) labelled the Coronavirus a […]

Everything you need to know before investing in PAR and CUV during the coronavirus.

Are you frustrated with the market acting like a rollercoaster? If yes, then you are not alone. Many smart investors, have had enough with the media suffocating the public on the coronavirus. Many investors are now basing their entire financial decision on what the media reports. Consequently, the coronavirus fear is beating down fundamentally strong […]

Everything you need to know about iBio before investing.

IBio Inc (NYSE:IBIO) is a Texas based Bio-Pharmaceutical company which has seen a recent surge of 720% in 2020 alone. The recent Coronavirus scare has led investors to divert their capital into Bio-pharma stocks such as iBIO, due to the companies efforts in developing a vaccine to control the virus. In early February, the company announced […]

Why did Ex-NFL player Mitch Marrow call PAR’s drug life changing?

A silver lining in the current bearish decline is the opportunity to possibly enter strong stocks like Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals (ASX: PAR). PAR is one of Australia’s most talked-about biotechs of 2019 and 2020 so far. PAR strives to alleviate the suffering and cartilage degradation of Osteoarthritis patients through its repurposed drug Zilosul. Today we will […]

Why did CUV skyrocket by 22% yesterday ?

Investors are strapping themselves in as a bumpy ride could be ahead with the coronavirus panic continuing to control the markets. In times like these, fundamentally strong stocks are going for a discount. Clinuvel (ASX: CUV), based on my research, is a fundamentally strong stock. CUV delivers treatments, through their drug SCENESSE, to people suffering […]

Here’s 4 hand sanitiser stocks, besides ZNO, that you are missing out on

Coronavirus. It’s all everyone is talking about. From the media to investors to your uber driver. However, the bombardment of information, particularly from the media, is causing overinflating the coronavirus fear. Many investors saw nothing but red in their portfolios as the fear drove down the ASX by 9.58% last week. If we think logically, […]