SRNE surges 20% off COVID-19 lawsuit – has news been leaked?

Sorrento Therapeutics’ (NASDAQ: SRNE) saying they have a COVID-19 treatment that offers a 100% protection, before conducting trials, was an incredibly bold statement. SRNE’s optimistic announcement not only lit the investment world alight but also pushed them into the legal spotlight. It is the possible lawsuit charges that caused the bears to multiply. However, SRNE […]

INO’s COVID-19 vaccine receives $71 million in government funding – how high can the INO stock go?

The COVID-19 vaccine market was fading as economies began to recover. However, the insurgence of new coronavirus cases and deaths is causing investors to gravitate towards COVID-19 vaccine frontrunners Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA), Novavax (NASDAQ: NVAX), and Inovio Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: INO). It makes logical sense that investors rally behind the vaccine companies. Especially as they have […]

BREAKING: Glenmark’s COVID-19 drug gets market approval – causing an enormous rally in India today.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals (XNSE: GLENMARK) COVID-19 drug, FabiFlu, is acting as a magnet to the eyes and wallets of investors. Considering India has 426,910 coronavirus cases and counting, it makes sense that many eyeballs are watching the Mumbai based biotech. Indian COVID-19 cases are forecasted to grow before they flatten. Thus, many investors are scratching their […]

Enochian Biosciences Skyrockets 240% pre-market on potential HIV cure

Enochian Biosciences (NASDAQ:ENOB) stock price has set for the stars this morning – with pre markets predicting the stock to open 240% higher. The significant increase has come off the back of a press release confirming an FDA meeting which successfully “aligned” with Enochian’s strategy for a HIV cure. This news although a first of […]

Gilead produces mixed COVID-19 trial results – investors now look to Mesoblast.

Biotechs universally share one mission. The industry aims to prevent or cure diseases to sustain a higher life expectancy. If a biotech successfully achieves its mission, humankind, the patients suffering, and investors all experience euphoria. However, if a biotech fails to develop a viable drug then the nightmarish scenario of people suffering continues. It seems […]

ADAP soars 150% on positive Phase 1 cancer trials – is a sell-off inevitable?

Why did the ADAP surge this week? Adaptimmune Therapeutics PLC (Nasdaq: ADAP) skyrocketed 128% on Friday. Investors rallied behind ADAP because of their positive phase 1 cancer trial. ADAP’s synovial sarcoma cancer candidate (ADP-A2M4) reported a 50% response rate in patients suffering from lung, head, and neck cancers. The phase 1 trial confirmed the safeness, […]

SNOA explodes 150% after the ARTG approves their COVID-19 sanitiser

Biotechs are having a field day on Wall Street as every day, a new 100% gain is coming across our desks. The unrealistic gains highlight just how unique the current bear market is. Mainly because a worldwide pandemic is not the typical root cause of financial crises. From the oil recession in 1973 to extreme […]

ABIO skyrockets 225% today on COVID-19 treatment – have all the gains been made?

An important lesson to understand in investing is that buyers invest in what they believe to be true even if it is false. Biotechs popping up every second and developing a possible COVID-19 treatment is a perfect example. Many investors buy into the biotech on the belief that the company could develop a viable treatment. […]

Mersana Therapeutics reports positive cancer drug results – causing uncontrolled buying.

A cure for cancer is the most desirable statement for scientists and investors alike. However, optimism is often met with disappointment as the task of curing cancer is no easy feat. Despite the difficulty, the scientific world continues to develop drug after drug in an attempt to eradicate the horrific group of diseases. Despite a […]

Novavax’s COVID-19 vaccine enters Phase 1 trials – is Moderna in trouble?

A vaccine is an unlikely solution. However, biotechs often tirelessly work on vaccines even after the expiration date of a virus. For example, vaccines for ebola, Zika, and Sars2 are still in development. Thus if a vaccine is unattainable before COVID-19 fizzles out, biotechs will continue to create a vaccine. Because we do not want […]

Evofem skyrockets after the FDA approves its birth control gel.

Why did the stock rise? Evofem made headlines after the FDA approved Evofem’s (NASDAQ: EVFM) new birth control gel “Phexxi.” Phexxi is an applicator that women insert before sex to prevent pregnancy. The FDA approved the drug through Phase 3 clinical trial, enrolling tests of 1,330 women. Evofem achieved an efficacy rate of 86.3%, which […]

Chinese company shows early signs of promising COVID-19 vaccine.

The vaccine race involves many runners, with the leaders being Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA), Inovio (NASDAQ: INO), and Novavax (NASDAQ: NVAX). It feels like many vaccine companies are sprinting as they accelerate through the clinical timeline. However, the US government raised the stakes on Thursday when they announced a $1.2 billion injection into AstraZene’s untried vaccine. […]

Potential FDA approval sees Seneca surge 100+%

Seneca Biopharma (NASDAQ: SNCA) came out of the markets storming 100% higher today at $1.67. The volcanic surge is off the back on no news, leaving investors confused. SNCA forums on Yahoo Finance and Stockwits are flooded with the same question “why is SNCA up”? Why is Seneca surging? The unsureness of why SNCA is […]