CIIC surges 200% after the EV merger announcement

CIIG Merger Corp (NASDAQ: CIIC) announced late last week the merger with Arrival, a promising UK Electric Vehicle manufacturer. The SPAC has since gained over 200% in the past week of trading, illustrating the bullish investor sentiment. Arrival Ltd. has peaked the interests of investors, with its evolutionary EV passenger bus and van models. Furthermore, […]

Tesla stock forecast for 2021 – analysts turn bullish

Tesla stock (NASDAQ: TSLA) has continued its stella run this year as the tech innovator continues to dominate the growing EV industry. Tesla’s stock price has risen 608% this year alone, its best performing year since its initial listing on Wallstreet. The company saw a recent spike in volume trading, after the S&P Dow Jones […]

Bank of America turns bullish on NIO stock

Nio Inc – (NYSE: NIO) has continued to outperform analysts expectations this year as the Chinese EV continues to deliver strong revenue growth. The companies stock price has seen a remarkable gain of 2,500% over the past year. The trading activity has seen a spike in recent days after the Q3 earnings announcement alongside the […]

Li Auto stock forecast for 2021 – smart money is bullish

The new age Chinese Electric Vehicle trio NIO, Xpeng and Li Auto have made their presence felt in the US markets. Li Auto Inc. (NASDAQ: LI) debuted on Wallstreet less than 4 months ago and has since seen an incredible surge in investor cofindence. The stock has gained 90% since its listing on the NASDAQ. […]

Palantir stock turns bullish – do analysts suggest a buy rating?

Palantir Technologies (NYSE: PLTR) has surged by 16% on Friday as investors continue to rally behind the big data specialist. The company made headlines on Wallstreet as it completed its long awaited IPO on September 30th. The stock price staggered at $10 throughout October after its debut on the NYSE. However, recent coverage from analysts […]

Will Hyliion stock bounce back? Here’s what analysts are saying

Hyliion (NYSE: HYLN) stock has been on a downward trend losing 54.64% in value over the past month. The sell off incurred shortly after the SPAC merger was finalised on the 28th of September. Hyliion hasn’t been the only EV listed company who has seen short selling. WKHS and even Tesla have lost 33% and […]

Analysts are bullish on NIO stock – here’s what investors need to know

NIO (NYSE: NIO) has continued its bullish path throughout 2020, with the stock gaining an eye watering 2008.97% YTD. NIO’s bullish investor sentiment this year has outweighed majority of its smaller competitors. The “Tesla of China” is driving significant growth in the EV industry, particularly in the Asia Pacific region which has intrigued investors in […]

Snap stock forecast 2021 – are the bulls too confident?

In a social media-driven world it should not shock you that the bulls are cheerleading a strong 2021 run for Snapchat. The contagious photography platform is expanding its customer base during the pandemic, which is pleasing to investors in terms of financial growth. While the bulls are telling a story of bodacious financial, customer, and […]

Intel stock forecast – what does the future look like for investors?

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) put on a show during the pandemic as they rode the technological wave. However, it seems the rapid growth might be slowing as analysts remain pessimistic for the short-term Intel stock forecast. The bulls are focusing on the bigger picture as financials look to rebound in 2024 and beyond. This article will […]

Workhorse stock falls to $20 – is now the time to capitalise?

Workhorse (NASDAQ:WKHS) took a 15% hit last week as the EV industry including Tesla struggled to gain any traction on Wallstreet. The stock corrected from its standing equilibrium at $23-24 to $19.20 with no associated news. Workhorse has since rebounded above the $20 mark however continues to experience unusually low volumes suggesting a large bounce […]

PayPal stock forecast 2021 – how high can PYPL go?

To say PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) is on a rocket would be an understatement. The recent introduction of cryptocurrency and buy now pay later positions PayPal at the forefront of the payment revolution. Not to mention, the rise in online business is sending PayPal merchant fee revenue through the roof. However, the bears are shaking their […]

Fisker stock forecast 2021 – are the bulls outrageously optimistic?

Fisker is dividing wall street. On the one hand, the merger confirmation and promising prospects are making investors bullish. Contrast that to the bearish argument where investors see Fisker replicating Nikola’s downfall as opposed to Tesla’s meteoric rise. This article looks to breakdown the Fisker stock forecasts from both the bullish and bearish sides. Table […]

DiamondPeak and Lordstown close in on merger – Here’s what you need to know

DiamondPeak Holdings Corp (NASDAQ: DPHC) is one of the hottest Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC) listed on the market right now. The company initially announced its reverse merger with Lordstown Motors on the 3rd of August. DPHC has since climbed an impressive 125%, rewarding investors who had snapped up the chance to buy early. The […]