Gevo stock roars 230% on billion dollar renewable energy deal – Does YIG see value?

Gevo Incorporated (NASDAQ: GEVO) walked up the stock market podium to announce its largest renewable energy contract in history. The news instantly ignited a buying frenzy on Wall Street. Investors who missed Thursday’s boat are wondering whether the Friday boat will bring them a capital gain. However, investor optimism receives considerable criticism from the bears […]

SPAQ surges 30% as the hedge funds buy in before Fisker merger – Does YIG see value?

Spartan Energy Acquisition (NYSE: SPAQ), soon to be merging with Fisker, is the new EV kid on the block. While SPAQ is relatively fresh on the scene, its meteoric rise mirrors that of EV controversy Nikola Motors. However, the SPAQ momentum is starting to find a more sustainable equilibrium. Because after the Fisker merger announcement, […]

SHLL jumps 15% as the smart money pours in – does YIG see value?

Tortoise Acquisition Group (NYSE: SHLL) first attracted the wallets of Wall Street when they announced their intention to acquire EV company Hyliion. The hype started to die down as the SHLL merger is still another month away. However, today Tortoise Acquisition surged 15% on what seems to be no news. Bullish investors hold their finger […]

Cisco falls on strong Q4 earnings – here’s everything you need to know

You might know Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CISCO) as the alive dinosaur in the IT and network world. Cisco’s strong Q4 earnings reaffirm its king like status. However, their Q1 earnings guidance disappointed Wall Street. Some investors are confused as to whether or not to jump on the CSCO train. Because on the one hand you […]

Twilio rises 300% on cloud software hype – Does YIG see value?

Twilio (NYSE: TWLO) is the industry captain of cloud communications. A raging bull market and a digital economy drove the software company to unchartered territories. After the Twilio stock price rose, 300% investors were keen on buying shares. However, the recent 12% drop has made investors skeptical about whether a TWLO investment is worth it. […]

Workhorse Group set to release earnings this week – here’s what you need to know.

Workhorse Group Inc (NASDAQ: WKHS) is set to release Q2 Earnings on Monday morning before market open. The US electric vehicle manufacturer operates in both the automotive and aviation industry. WKHS is most commonly known for it’s innovative spin on pick-up trucks and transport vans. Since July, WKHS has seen an enormous surge in investor […]

Li Xiang jumps 40% on IPO – here is everything you need to know

Li Xang (NASDAQ: LI), an electric vehicle (EV) company, soared 40% on its market debut yesterday. At face value, an investment sounds excellent. Because all EV stocks are rising and it is one day after IPO, so bullish momentum should still be there. However, beneath the water lie sharks such as the ruthless competition of […]

Kandi Technologies climbs 200% on EV expansion into the US – Does YIG see value

The unrealistic gain train keeps on churning as Kandi Technologies (NASDAQ: KNDI) 200% rise is only a day after Kodak’s 300% surge. Kandi is a Chinese Electric Vehicle (EV) maker. Thus it should not be surprising that after their U.S. expansion announcement, we see retail and intuitional investors flock to the stock. Especially as EV […]

Wall Street expects Netflix to post positive earnings on Thursday – does YIG see potential?

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) is mutating into a NASDAQ giant as the pandemic sends thousands of viewers towards the streaming service. The massive influx of users is causing investors and institutions to forecast positive FY2020 earnings on the 16th of July. It seems that Netflix is apart of the lucky few who could be reporting positive […]

SPAQ surges 50% off potential Fisker merger – here is everything you need to know.

Spartan Energy Acquisition (NYSE: SPAQ) is rising on the possibility of acquiring EV maker Fisker.  Initially, investors might think most EV companies are worth the investment. Especially, as Nikola, NIO, and Hyliion-SHLL provided some nice capital gains over the past few weeks. However, some investors today are trading off the EV hype instead of the […]

NIO soars 16% after their Q2 sales beat analysts expectations – is it too late to invest?

NIO incorporated (NASDAQ: NIO), is spreading EV fever at lightning speed after it posted better than expected sales results. However, it is not just NIO that is hot of the EV investment radar. The Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), Workhorse (NASDAQ: WKHS), and Hyllion (NYSE: HYLN) bulls are all charging together, providing plenty of opportunities for investors. […]

NXTD jumps 75% on revolutionary notification device for the elderly – should you invest?

Nxt-ID (NASDAQ: NXTD) skyrocketed in pre-market trading after it announced the commencement of testing for its WIFI notification device. Society is continuously striving to improve seniors’ indpendence, especially as our ageing population is growing at an unprecedented rate. Independency for seniors could include medical, physical, or financial independence. Thus, it should not surprise us that […]

MU’s revenue rises 16% off the digital economy – is Micron Technologies a good investment?

Micron Technology (NASDAQ: MU) is rising in pre-market trading after posting impressive financials for Q3 of 2020. In the current market, where greed and fear are on steroids, it is refreshing to see a stock rise because of a fundamental improvement in the company. However, an increase in financials is just a small part of […]