NIO stock forecast for 2022 and beyond

NIO stock forecast

Nio Inc – (NYSE: NIO) has had a stellar year of trading, outperforming investor and analyst expectations. NIO stock has gained 1,176% over the past 12 months, cementing its name as one of 2020’s best performing stocks. In addition, the Chinese EV manufacturer managed to deliver over 20,000 vehicles in the first quarter of 2021.… Read more

Hyliion (HYLN) stock forecast for 2022 – will the stock rebound?

Hyliion (NYSE: HYLN) stock has been trending downwards since the completion of its reverse merger in 2020. What first started as hype surrounding the SPAC company SHLL has now simmered down alongside the majority of the EV SPAC Industry. However, despite the downtrend in the stock price, revenue projections over the next 5 years suggest the company will turnover $2 Billion in revenue by 2024.… Read more

Will Romeo Power stock thrive in 2021? – here’s what investors need to know?

Romeo Power stock

Romeo Power (NYSE:RMO) has been in the spotlight this week after the company announced a 5 year supply deal with EV manufacturer, PACCAR. The company officially began trading on the 30th of December 2020, following the completion of its reverse merger with RMG Acquisition Corp. Romeo stock has seen a steady decline since its debut, following the majority of the SPAC EV sector over the past 2 months.… Read more

Ocugen (OCGN) stock forecast for 2022 – can the stock hit the “street high” $15 price target?

Ocugen Inc (NASDAQ: OCGN) is a US based bio-pharma which has focused on developing a cure for blindness disease. However, the company has since shifted its efforts to develop a COVID-19 vaccine with partner Bharat Biotech. Ocugen’s CEO Shankar Musunuri has made it clear the company strategises to disrupt the current COVID-19 vaccine market with Covaxin.… Read more

Nano Dimension stock forecast for 2021 and beyond

Nano Dimension Ltd (NASDAQ:NNDM) is a multi-national business which develops intelligent machines for the production of Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME). Furthermore, this industry in which Nano Dimensions occupies is considered a specialised niche within the 3D printing industry. The companies stock has seen bullish movement due to strong revenue performance from the Q4 2020 earnings results.… Read more

Rocket Lab to go public via SPAC merger with Vector Acquisition (VACQ)

Rocket Lab merger

Last week, Vector Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: VACQ) announced its plans to take Rocket Lab public via a reverse merger. Rocket Lab is an end to end, aerospace manufacturer and small satellite launch service. To add to its credentials, in the history of spaceflight Rocket Lab is one of only two private companies that has delivered regular and reliable access to orbit, the other company being Elon Musk’s SpaceX.… Read more

CCIV announces merger with Lucid Motors – here’s what you need to know

Churchill Capital Corp IV (NYSE: CCIV) stock surged 214% over the past month as rumours on Wallstreet speculated the potential merger with Lucid Motors. On Monday afternoon CCIV officially announced its intentions to take Lucid Motors public in a reverse merger. Lucid Motors has made a name for itself on Wallstreet announcing its ambitions to take on EV Goliath, Tesla.… Read more