Vanguard ETFs VTI and VOO look to surge as investors shrug off last week’s losses.

The market is a rollercoaster. However, who is controlling the monstrous ride? Is it mum and dad investors, fund managers, COVID-19 vaccine frontrunners, or the government? No single group is controlling the market. Instead, fear and greed have the remote control over the market. Greed controlled the rollercoaster for the past month as a false […]

Starbucks suffers a $3.2 billion loss – can the coffee giant recover?

COVID-19 is disrupting the retail industry. Retailers are closing stores, laying off employees, and radically restructuring their business models to suit the digital economy. Starbuck’s (NASDAQ: SBUX) slump in growth during the pandemic gives investors an insight into the suffering retail industry. Starbucks has fought hard to make coffee and SBUX inextricable. The question on […]

TVIX made 2000% in a month – is June round 2?

The sudden surge in the TVIX would suggest the bulls are falling off a cliff edge. While the future direction of the stock market is still in limbo land, negative US futures have set the tone for the week. The Dow, S&P 500, and NASDAQ futures are down 485, 50.5, and 124 points respectively (at […]

Hertz jump 500% off bankruptcy – should you short or invest now?

Management turmoil, risky leverage, and signing acquisitions that could only be sustained with record revenue is a scary picture right? Hertz Global Holdings (NYSE: HTZ) were living through this nightmare for the past few years. However, the car company plummeted when the COVID-19 storm emerged. Creditors were frustrated with the risky leverage, disappointed with insignificant […]

CHK surges 200% but look to file for bankruptcy – here’s what you need to know.

Why did Chesapeake Energy soar by 200%? Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NYSE: CHK) plummeted because of the nightmarish oil scenario. However, the recent turnaround in the future outlook for oil is causing the Energy Giant to skyrocket. Especially, as OPEC + Russia agree to extend to historic oil cuts to July in an attempt to stabilise […]

American Airlines are soaring through the air on a 40% gain – how long will it last?

It feels like only yesterday that travel stocks were crashing. Warren Buffett sold off his airline stocks, and the entire consumer sentiment was down. In retrospect, it seemed logical that Airlines were down because the outlook for the travel industry was grim. However, our appetite for travel is rising. So much so that American Airlines […]

Genius stock price has grown 2634% since January – here’s what you need to know

Genius Brands International Inc (NASDAQ:GNUS) has skyrocketed since the beginning of 2020 as the company just keeps on giving to Bullish investors. With a tidy market cap of $763m the companys simple game plan has proved an effective business model for exponential growth. The company creates multi-media animations and licenses them to retail channels and […]

Deutsche Bank raises their target price on TGT to $131 – is now the time to invest?

Is NYSE: TGT a target for your portfolio? First Coronavirus and now civil unrest is playing its toll on American businesses. The protests over a police officer killing George Floyd is causing business owners to shut up shop. Target Corp. (NYSE: TGT) announced yesterday that 170 stores across the United States closed because of looting […]

Canopy growth soars 53% – is now the time to go pot stock shopping?

The entire cannabis industry is on fire. It might seem weird to see bullish cannabis activity during COVID-19. However, the virus caused the marijuana market to plummet back in February and March. In turn, investors saw unbelievably low prices and went pot stock shopping. The initial recovery of the industry is understandable, considering the main […]

Aurora explodes by 32% – is now the time for cannabis investors?

Written by Sergeo Domtchenko  The Coronavirus pandemic has left the healthcare industry caught up in the middle of a frenzy. The biotech race is heating up. Unsurprisingly, biopharmaceutical companies have seen colossal investor backing over the past few weeks. However, what you may not know is that the cannabis industry is suffering. Since the beginning […]

Wayfair is surging like a rocket – positive earnings could launch W into the stratosphere.

Wayfair (NYSE: W), the gigantic e-commerce store that sells a zillion amount of furniture and home goods, is rocking the investment world. Flashback three weeks ago and COVID-19 pulled Wayfair down to the $25 mark. Let me stress the significance of this bearish decline, $25 equated to a 5 year low. Investors saw the opportunity […]

Carnival Cruises and Royal Caribbean could go bankrupt – is there any hope?

Carnival Cruise (NYSE: CCL) and Royal Caribbean (NYSE: RCL) experienced extreme turbulence over the past few months. Especially, as the short term future of international travel dims. It seems the cruise line industry, as mentioned by Buffet, will never be the same again. Since our last article on investing in CCL and RCL, both stock […]

Warren Buffett sells $6 Billion in US airline stocks – what this means for Delta, AAL, LUV and UAL investors?

The Godfather of investing – Warren Buffett announced on Saturday that he had sold $6 Billion in US airline stocks. The news came as Buffett announced to the press that his infamous Berkshire Hathaway fund had decided to cut ties with the US airline industry. Buffett explained that after consideration he had decided buying into […]