Vanguard ETFs VTI and VOO look to surge as investors shrug off last week’s losses.

The market is a rollercoaster. However, who is controlling the monstrous ride? Is it mum and dad investors, fund managers, COVID-19 vaccine frontrunners, or the government? No single group is controlling the market. Instead, fear and greed have the remote control over the market. Greed controlled the rollercoaster for the past month as a false recovery (opinion not advice) erupted.… Read more

Hertz jump 500% off bankruptcy – should you short or invest now?

Management turmoil, risky leverage, and signing acquisitions that could only be sustained with record revenue is a scary picture right? Hertz Global Holdings (NYSE: HTZ) were living through this nightmare for the past few years. However, the car company plummeted when the COVID-19 storm emerged. Creditors were frustrated with the risky leverage, disappointed with insignificant revenue in 2020, and were unsure whether the current management could navigate the current minefield.… Read more

Genius stock price has grown 2634% since January – here’s what you need to know

Genius Brands International Inc (NASDAQ:GNUS) has skyrocketed since the beginning of 2020 as the company just keeps on giving to Bullish investors. With a tidy market cap of $763m the companys simple game plan has proved an effective business model for exponential growth. The company creates multi-media animations and licenses them to retail channels and firms across the globe.… Read more

Warren Buffett sells $6 Billion in US airline stocks – what this means for Delta, AAL, LUV and UAL investors?

The Godfather of investing – Warren Buffett announced on Saturday that he had sold $6 Billion in US airline stocks. The news came as Buffett announced to the press that his infamous Berkshire Hathaway fund had decided to cut ties with the US airline industry. Buffett explained that after consideration he had decided buying into the US airline industry was a mistake.… Read more

DraftKings surged by 10.4% on debut – could this be the next PointsBet Holdings?

Written by Sergeo Domtchenko

DraftKings (NASDAQ DKNG), the rising online sports betting platform, turned the heads of NASDAQ investors last week after rising 10.4% on its debut.  DraftKings hosts sports contests and provides sports betting services for the world’s biggest sporting leagues. These include the NBA, MLB, NFL, Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Tennis, and NASCAR.… Read more

Boeing falls out on $4.2 billion Embraer deal – aircraft giant hasn’t been this cheap since 2016

Boeing Co’s (NYSE:BA) deal with the Brazilian Aircraft maker Embraer SA (BVMF: EMBR3) has fallen out after companies failed to finalise deal by dead-line. After years of discussion, Boeing had planned to acquire a controlling portion of Embraer’s airline manufacturing branch. The deal would see Boeing take control of the single aisle market share that is currently lead by AIRBUS SE (EPA: AIR).Read more

Warren Buffett’s firm sells nearly 13 million shares in Delta Airlines

In these unprecedented times, we are beginning to see a trend forming amongst investors in the international markets. Investor confidence is beginning to decay as Unemployment rates spike and companies begin to double down on liquidity solutions and slimming cost. Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway had reportedly sold $314 million USD of Delta Airways (NYSE: DAL) stock between the 1st and 2nd of April.… Read more

Are Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruises a viable long term investment?

The global shutdown of the transportation and tourism industry has lead to some of the biggest Cruise lines across the globe halting operations until further notice. Subsequently, these Cruise line giants have lost almost 2/3 of their share value since February. Royal Caribbean (NYSE: RCL) and Carnival Corporation (NYSE: CCL) both share a market cap north of $5 billion, marking them the biggest contenders in the US.… Read more