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New contract with Dragon Racing

InstaForex is delighted to tell you that it has extended the contract with the Dragon Racing team, its long-term partner and a participant of Formula E.

This is the first championship in the world contested by fully electrically driven race automobiles. Interestingly, because of its foresight the company had predicted the roaring success of the E-prix championship well before it came under the spotlight on a global scale. The new tournament was launched in 2014. Half a year later, the company signed the first contract with Dragon Racing. So, InstaForex proved its marketing vision. In some countries, Formula E tops the rating of its predecessor Formula 1 nowadays.

The company is certainly benefiting from its partnership with Dragon Racing. First, the racing team is focused on implementing cutting-edge technologies and being the leader in the challenge of top technical specialists. How is it related to InstaForex? The company's main priority is to be at the dawn of the new era in trading. Second, for six years of the partnership InstaForex clients have been able to watch the Formula E championships live in Berlin, Rome, Moscow, Kuala Lumpur, and Hong Kong. The beauty of such tournaments is that they are held literally anywhere, even in the downtown.

In different seasons, the racing teams competed in Monaco, in Brooklyn in New York City, around the Hotel of Invalids in Paris, along Karl Max ally, and on the Alexanderplatz in Berlin. Thanks to the partnership with Dragon Racing, our clients can watch electric racing cars cruising around an array of landmarks in one season.

The world is sure to stamp out the odious pandemic soon, so the E-prix championship is going to expand its geography. InstaForex clients will be able to witness new victories of Dragon Racing in the streets of various cities.

InstaForex is anticipating the future and striving to make it better at present. The long-lasting partnership with Dragon Racing means that InstaForex has its finger on the pulse of technological novelties and prospects. Besides, we are certainly pleased to give our clients the sense of belonging to modern auto races.

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InstaForex Loprais Team is testing in Europe and packing for Middle East

Another phase of preparations for Dakar Rally 2021 is coming to an end for the Instaforex Loprais Team. After a lot of intensive development on Praga V4S DKR over the past few months, the rally truck is now being tested in Europe. The team is also preparing and organising its move to the United Arab Emirates for the final test of all new components that should take place at the end of the year in specific conditions of Arabian Peninsula.  


The mood is optimistic at the InstaForex Loprais Team headquarters in Frenstat pod Radhostem. Even despite all restrictions that take place around the world, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But Ales Loprais has no doubts that he is going to add his fifteenth participation in the most famous marathon rally in the world in just four months.

“I believe that the Dakar 2021 will happen. Even despite some sceptic voices. Personally, I’ve been convinced since the start of the Tour de France. That is a proof, as its owner, the ASO, owns the Dakar as well and clearly, they’re going for it. And the Tour is even harder to organise because it’s in Europe,” says Ales Loprais.

“I know, from my contacts in the Arab world, that everything is being prepared for the Dakar and the event has support on the highest levels.”

“Also, the organisers have prepared for this situation in advance. That is why, despite interest from the Emirates and Jordan, they have kept the upcoming race in a single country. To be honest, there’s no better place for the Dakar right now. Even if it had stayed in South America, the race wouldn’t take place. And to run Dakar in Africa without Morocco is nearly impossible,” says the 40-year-old.

The North African country usually hosts many cross-country rally events during a year, but its borders have been closed since the Spring.


Knowing all this, the Loprais' family team carries on with preparations. In the past two weeks, the team spent two days in Poland twice to test the Praga V4S DKR. And another test is set to take place in the Czech Republic before the end of September, but this time with one more vehicle.

“If I don’t count just short runs around our headquarters, our first real testing this year was in Poland. The first two days went very positively, without any major hiccups. We’ve improved suspension, dampers of the cabin and also a gearbox mapping. In the next test, we were tuning and testing several turbocharger options,” adds Loprais.

“We’ve planned our final European testing to take place in Hodonín. On one day, we’ll be running The Lady, and the other day The Queen [Tatra Jamal, that Loprais used to race with in previous years]. Both vehicles will then head to the Emirates, where we intend to test all the new stuff together.”  


But the InstaForex Loprais Team is not going to the Arabian Peninsula just for testing. The crew consisting of Ales Loprais, Khalid Alkendi and Petr Pokora should also work on improving its cooperation during the races. And one of the local rally competitions thus could feature The Queen.

All the racing and service trucks should leave Europe by the sea in the first half of October. The team is also taking Tatra Phoenix, a vehicle built with the support of a new partner, HE3DA company. And in their headquarters, the new accompanying truck is set to be officially revealed on Thursday, September 17.

“I’m really happy about this cooperation, and I can't wait to see what it's going to bring in the future. I'd like to thank our long-term partners, especially InstaForex and Praga. They've been supporting us even in these difficult times and they play a significant role in the realisation of our current project,” adds Loprais.

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We are ready to unveil results of InstaForex contests

At this stage, we are pleased to announce the names of those who won the following interim contests and campaigns by InstaForex: Chancy Deposit, InstaForex Sniper, One Million Option, FX-1 Rally, Lucky Trader, Real Scalping, and Great Race. We salute our champions and wish luck to all participants! Besides, it is a great pleasure to welcome our new contestants!

Chancy Deposit
The promo campaign is held on a monthly basis. At the end of each month, a winner picked at random is awarded a solid cash prize. Let's congratulate the finalists of the two latest stages: Elena Petrovna Kosteletskaya and Sergey Yurievich Alexandrov from Russia. You can also be among the winners, while carrying on with your trading routine on Forex! Importantly, a different prize amount is raffled every month. So, check the company news and grab a chance!

InstaForex Sniper
InstaForex Sniper requires accuracy, patience, and sharp reaction. At the latest stage, Pardi from Indonesia brilliantly manifested these features. He outpaced all other contestants and clinched a victory. Congratulations! Keep it up! All traders are welcomed to check their precision – register and join! InstaForex Sniper contest is held every weekly from 00:00 on Monday until 23:59 on Friday.

One Million Option
One Million Option is one of the most popular contests from InstaForex. It assembles a large number of participants who are longing to test their strong competitive spirit, to feel excitement and adrenaline! People with strong will compete for the title of the best option trader in the hot struggle. Following the results of the contest's regular stage, Vladimir Alexandrovich Pilipenko from Russia got the top place. Let us congratulate the victor! Besides, we want to remind you that the One Million Option contest is conducted every week from 00:10 on Monday until 23:50 on Friday.

FX-1 Rally
Alber Mukhimovich Udaev from Turkmenistan and Andrey Nikolaevich Klimovets from Ukraine showed the best scores in the recent interim stages of the FX-1 Rally contest. Apart from our congratulations, we wish the winners to secure the title of the best racers in further stages. If you want to face the challenge of a trading competition, welcome to the starting line of FX-1 Rally! You can join any stage of the tournament. You can register and join at any stage that is held every Friday from 00:00 until 23:59. Registration is over one hour before the race.

Lucky Trader
A steady hand and success orientation are the keys to the victory in the Lucky Trader marathon. If you are able to conduct a perfect trading session within the contest, you have a chance to win one of the stages like Tatiana Vladimirovna Mishutina from Ukraine. We are pleased to congratulate the winner and remind you that the next stage of the competition will start on October 26, 2020 and end on November 6, 2020.

Real Scalping
To succeed in Real Scalping, traders need to have a sharp reaction, attention, healthy curiosity, and desire to learn. Experience teaches slowly and at the cost of mistakes. Something more would help you to succeed: diligence, patience, and endeavor. This time, Rubin Gafurovich Tuktarov from Russia outperformed his competitors. Congratulations! Keep it up! We invite everyone to join us and fight for the main prize! The current stage of the contest will last until October 30, 2020. The next stage will be held from November 2 until November 27, 2020.

Great Race
To participate in the contest, traders are required to register a new demo account for each stage. In addition to a cash prize, a winner in an interim stage is awarded bonus scores that can be used in the final stage. Today Taher Saeili from Iran is taking the prize! Let us wish him to win other contests by InstaForex! Do not forget to sign up for the fourth stage will run until October 23, 2020. Registration for that final stage has been available since 00:00 on September 21 until one hour before the contest starts on November 15, 2020. The final stage will start on November 16, 2020.

Good luck!

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