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Boston Beer surges during the pandemic - is that a good sign?  

Patrick McLoughlin
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It sounds strange right that a beer company climbs higher during a global virus. However, when looking deeper, it makes sense. Boston Beers' hard seltzer beer is gaining significant traction in the growing health-conscious drinking market. Also, it seems like people are drinking hard at home during the pandemic, which is natural during any economic meltdown. Boston made sure people had access to their beer by undertaking a relentless shopping centre and bottle-o campaign. Despite the uptick, we should a pullback as investors take their profits. However, the Beer company holds significant long-term upside. Are there any other Beer companies that give Boston a run for their money that investors know of? 

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Tyger Fitzpatrick
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A well established corporation. This one has slid under the general market sentiment until now. One to watch!