Everything you need to know before investing in PAR and CUV during the coronavirus.

Are you frustrated with the market acting like a rollercoaster? If yes, then you are not alone. Many smart investors, have had enough with the media suffocating the public on the coronavirus. Many investors are now basing their entire financial decision on what the media reports. Consequently, the coronavirus fear is beating down fundamentally strong […]

Here’s why CUV is worth holding throughout the Coronavirus panic?

It is rare to discover a sensational biotech from Australia. Why? Because when we search for quality Biotechs our eyes look to Europe. Especially, as the European countries like England, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland pride themselves on their extensive research. Just think of the most reputable biotechs in Europe such as Cambridge Antibody Technology, Micromet […]

Does CUV’s 45% plummet provide a golden opportunity for investors?

Have you heard of Clinuvel Ltd (ASX: CUV)? The skin disorder company is famous in Germany and Australia. Clinuvel captivated investors in 2019 with an impressive 150% surge, leading to their high of $45 in October. However, CUV decreased 43% since its $45 high. Today we will discuss why Clinuvel’s plummet is an opportunity, what […]