Could these micro-caps provide an upward return of 500%?

The stock market is uncertain but what is certain is that no one can accurately predict the expiration date of the coronavirus. The current volatility is turning the market into a casino. However, many investors are turning the odds in their favour by creating coronavirus strategies. Do you want to turn the odds in your favour?

The coronavirus strategies we have covered so far include:

However, today we are discussing the micro-caps strategy, the risks involved as well as comparing it to the other four strategies above.

Micro Cap Strategy Blue Print

A micro cap is any public company which has a market capitalisation between 50-300million (US). Some examples of ASX micro caps would include Zip co (ASX: Z1P), Paradigm Bio Pharmaceuticals (ASX: PAR) and Near map (ASX: NEA). Before, we share the strategy you might be thinking why micro-caps?

Micro-caps are reasonably priced, can outperform the market and could grow into a market leader. Just imagine, if you got into Ford when it was a mirco-cap. On top of that Micro-caps, unlike Blue-chips, do not have “every man and his dog” investing in the company. Meaning, you have time to gather your thoughts, properly dissect the financials and make an investment decision with little capital before it is too late.

Step 1) Pick stocks with pre-coronavirus momentum

Here the stock should have experienced a bullish trend in the years or possibly quarters leading  up until the coronavirus. Why? Because stocks that were outperforming the market years before the coronavirus are likely to continue their momentum once the ‘you know what’ fizzles out.

Mirco-caps that were only rising months before the virus will probably experience no growth for an extremely long time. Also, following micro-caps that saw growth in the last  couples of months is called ‘trend watching’. Which is dangerous because there is no historical data to indicate any recovery once the virus is eradicated.

Step 2) The stock must be undervalued

So you found a stock with pre-coronavirus momentum, what is next? The company must be undervalued. Luckily for you, the coronavirus fear, as sad as it is, is dragging quality micro-cap companies into the undervalued zone.

Step 3) Forecasted or historical earnings growth

Stocks with pre-coronavirus momentum should also show strong earnings growth unless it is a biotech. Consistent increases in profit further supports the argument that the stock should continue its upward momentum once the market returns to normal. Because, most investors, view year on year earnings growth as a green light for investing.

Strong micro-caps with negative forecasted earnings for the next 6 months should not scare away investors. Only, if the company has an impressive track record of year on year growth.

Here is a promising list of momentum-driven and undervalued small-cap stocks. Subscribe to Youth Investment Group below for free to access more coronavirus strategies.

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Despite, the fairytale appeal we must consider the risks. Why? Because YIG believes that young investors deserve to have a balanced perspective on investing strategies before entering the treacherous waters of the stock market.

Firstly, investors are relying on pre-coronavirus confidence to rally behind the stock again. However, the coronavirus could see people forget about the stock or not jump back on for a long time.

Micro-caps, are more towards the illiquid side. Possibly creating a trap where you invest and the low trading volume causes you to sell at a lower price (capital loss). To add insult to injury, micro caps experience less market coverage than blue-chips, especially with the coronavirus.

Also, if the coronavirus causes a recession or even a depression, then an endless number of micro caps would collapse or at least see its current price become the new price.

Above all else, micro caps do not usually offer dividends. Meaning you are relying on a capital gain to make you money because the stock is not a cash flow asset.


Which coronavirus strategy is the best for you  ?

- Blue-chip stocks 
Intermediate investors 
- Micro-caps 
- Inverse ETFs 
- Gold 
Experienced investors 
- Micro-caps 
- Inverse ETFs 
- Gold 
- Riding the waves of trending coronavirus stocks

The above guide, is just that a guide. YIG is not liable for any personal investment decisions relating to these coronavirus strategies above. Also, feel free to choose strategies outside your investing level. However, that is at your own risk and is highly unrecommended.

The YIG team is and will continue to provide you with some of the simplest yet effective coronavirus strategies out there. Stay tuned and subscribe for free if you want access to more strategies. 

Here is our free, uncomplicated, and extensive ASX portfolio


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The information above should not be taken as financial advice. Youth Investment Group has no liability for personal financial interests or investment decisions. You should make your own investment decisions based upon your own research and what you believe is best for you.

Written by Patrick McLoughlin, Manager at YIG.

2019 Coffee MicroCaps Conference in Sydney – here’s our best picks

Before I start, I am obliged to remind our viewers that this is not advice only general commentary from my extensive research in this area.

This year I was invited to attend the Coffee Micro-Caps conference in Sydney to represent Youth Investment Group . Not only was this a brilliant opportunity for me personally to build on my own understanding on micro-cap investment , it was also a great opportunity to listen to the CEO’s of the micro-cap corporations and there directional strategies moving forward . For young individuals like myself looking to develop their own financial skills , opportunities are limited and I strongly recommend looking into attending the next Coffee MicroCaps conference .

What is a Micro-Cap and what yields do they hold ?

A micro-cap company is typically a listed company with an estimated market capital valuation of $50 million to $300 million . These companies usually hold a share price under $1 however there are micro companies that post higher share values . The brilliance about micro-caps is that they hold some of the highest yields in stock market returns . Some examples of succesfull micro caps are A2 milk and Goodlife networks , which if you backed in their early stages really paid substantial returns . One of the most interesting points from the conference in my opinion , is that micro-caps will generally perform well no matter what the economic condition is .

How to spot a quality micro-cap investment ?

The key elements in finding a quality micro-cap investment include breaking down the financials such as it’s liquidity ,making sure its cashflow is positive with low-zero debt , no insitutional ownership and ensuring the revenue is growing aswell as its total earnings . The best performing micro-caps will hold a low Beta , as economic conditions will not effect the growth of the company nor the demand for their product or service . For smaller investors it is important when breaking into the micro-cap industry , by using online articles aswell as financial reports will enable you to make a educated decision on whether the share price will grow or mature at its current price . For larger investors, meeting face to face with these corporations is essential to understanding the strategic directions aswell as its current financial position .

My top 3 micro-cap companies from the conference

Alcidion Group Ltd (ALC $0.22) – My personal favourite from the conference . ALC is a Australian Health Care company that specialises in IT processes . It is no secret that the Australian Medical IT system has its flaws , especially how inefficiently medical records are stored . Alcidion aims to revolutionise the way medical records are stored , ensuring that hospitals and medical proffesionals can communicate in the most effecient way possible . ALC has a current market cap of $220.67 million, posting positive operation cashflow aswell as possibly entering the NZ and UK markets . I will be writing an article on this company in the coming weeks however I strongly advise investors to look into this company as they have a product that most certainly could change the game and provide massive yields long term. However, this is not advice and extensive research should be conducted before investing.

Kyckr (KYK $0.20) – A data specialist that compiles financial company data into a search engine that can help with cracking down on money laundering, fraud and tax evasion . There data systems are host to over 80 million companies over 120 countries . An interesting company that would provide huge yields if its subscription models become a success .

Clime Investment Management Limited (CIW $0.52) – Posted a $23 million return to investors , with Earnings per share up 1.3% in 2017 to 2.3% in 2019 . The most interesting part about this company explained by CEO Rod Bristow is its integration of Culture , Compliance and Clients . This model resonates with the modern day business ethical requirements , with many customers in the financial industry losing faith in financial entitys.

Here is our free, uncomplicated, and extensive ASX portfolio

On behalf of YIG , we would like to thank Mark Tobin , the founder of Coffee MicroCaps Conference for the invitation to this event . I highly recommend this event to young investors interested in Micro-caps and there potential yields .

The information above should not be taken as financial advice. Youth Investment Group has no liability for personal financial interests or investment decisions. You should make your own investment decisions based upon your own research and what you believe is best for you.

Tyger Fitzpatrick , Founder of Youth Investment Group