Monetisation Disclosure

Youth Investment Group, and always will be, a free investment website. However, the website is monetized through Google Ads. This means when you click on a relevant financial advertisement on the website, Youth Investment Group, and Google receive revenue. All adds generate different amounts of income.

By using Google Adsense, we an provide you with a free investment experience.

Stake Referral Partnership – Disclosure

  1. The commission structure of the partnership

A referral program is the basis of the Stake and YIG partnership at the moment. If Stake and YIG pursue any further ventures, then this disclosure statement will be amended accordingly. Under the referral program, Youth Investment Group will receive a commission for every successful referral. A successful referral consists of a YIG customer opening a Stake account via the referral code and funding their account.

  1. YIG’s intention behind the stake partnership

The partnership aims to provide our Australian customers with access to the US markets via Stake. YIG has no intention of forcing our viewers onto a brokerage site to incur a financial loss. Thus, the partnership solely provides access to the US financial markets.

  1. The liability of financial loss that may arise from a stake account

Financial loss can occur when trading securities such as stocks, options, bonds, etc. YIG holds no legal responsibility for any financial losses that may arise when trading securities on Stake. Customers who join Stake via the YIG referral code hold full personal liability for any financial losses. Therefore, when a customer uses the YIG referral code to sign up, they are also acknowledging that they are personally liable for their financial losses.

  1. The design of the partnership is not to impair YIG’s objectivity

Many brokers can facilitate the execution of US trades for Australian investors. YIG’s relationship with Stake is not an attempt to a) persuade investors that they must sign up and b) that there are no other worthwhile brokers in the industry. However, YIG does view Stake as a credible, reliable, and ethical US broker. Therefore, every time a customer registers a Stake account with the YIG referral code, it is through their own free will.