Sydney’s property market is recovering, are these the best suburbs for investment?

The real estate market in Sydney is recovering from the burst and many did not see this coming. According to CoreLogic’s statistics Sydney’s median home value has increased by 5% over three months to 31st October 2019. In comparison to the annual basis, Sydney’s median home value is still down 2.5% and 10% from its […]

Charter Hall one of Australia’s most successful property fund managers?

Charter Hall is one of Australia’s leading property fund managers. This property giant has over 28 years of experience in investment properties and Unlisted funds across the sectors of industrial, retail, commercial, and social infrastructure. The Charter Hall Group (CHC) is listed on the ASX. Whereas Charter Hall Direct (CHD) is a fund manager for […]

Breakdown of Unlisted Funds and why it may be a good investment.

Financial distress. A significant problem facing young investors. There are many avenues investors can choose to solve this problem. Investment properties, Stapled Vehicles and AREITs (Australian Real Estate Investment) are proven methods to possibly obtain a passive income and thus open the gateway to financial freedom. Besides the above property investments, Unlisted funds (trusts) is […]

Are stapled vehicles a promising property investment?

  So far YIG has released articles pertaining to Investment properties and AREITS, AREIT Goodman Group. Today we will be breaking down the components of a stapled vehicle. A stapled vehicle is a type of internal management. So why call it stapled? Because the two investment vehicles being a Trust and a company is bound […]

Investment properties – One of the keys to financial freedom ?

Introduction: Property Investment The phrase ‘investmentproperty’ is considered a milestone for young investors. Primarily, because of Australia’sbooming increase in property prices within the past decade. Many of us (youth) doubt ourselves by saying “I will never be able to purchase a property in the future ”. This doubt is a harsh reality to many young […]


In previous article, an AREIT is an Australian Real Estate Investment Trust that owns and usually operates a portfolio of income-producing property. Goodman Group (GMG) is a real estate group that invest in industrial property. They operate throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, UK, North America and Brazil. GMG’s performance in terms of operating profits have […]

Penny Stock INP UPDATE- still a long term investment opportunity?

Before reading this article, it is recommended that you read the previous article “Penny Stock INP- long term investment opportunity?” ( In the past month, Incentia Pay’s share price has decreased by 35% from 0.035 cents (22/8/19) to 0.023 cents (3/9/19). Despite INP’s decrease in share price the company is still considered to be a […]

Penny Stock INP – long term investment opportunity?

Context: IncentiaPay Limited (INP) are apart of the Internet & Direct Marketing Retail industry with a market cap of $8 million. Their brand’ Entertainment Publication’ creates a voucher solution (e.g. 10% off total bill) to attract customers into an enterprise. If you didn’t know before Entertainment Publication produce the Entertainment booklet and app that have […]


What is an A-REITs? A-REIT is short for Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts. These REIT’s own a portfolio of properties, ranging from shopping malls, apartment buildings, warehouses to service stations. Examples of an Australian REIT and to watch are Goodman Group (GMG), Scentre Group (SCG), Dexus (DXS), The GPT Group (GPT), Vicinity Centres (VCX), Stockland […]