Market Update: The bulls & bears are locked in a titanic battle – who will emerge victorious?

Trying to make sense of all the movements this week has left many investors with a migraine. Bouncing around between significant gains & losses, the ASX 200 gathered momentum to finish the week 1.6% higher at 5942.6 points. This marks a 30.7% increase from the market lows that we experienced on March 23. However, this week […]

Supermarket giant ‘Albertsons’ set to IPO next week – should Walmart investors be worried?

When you think of the retail industry, who comes to mind first, it is probably not Albertsons? The likes of Walmart (NYSE: WMT), Woolworths (ASX: WOW), Wesfarmers (ASX: WES), and the Super Retail Group (ASX: SUL) instantly come to mind for most investors. Last year alone, the U.S. retail industry was worth a whopping a […]

Palantir Technologies 2020 IPO could be massive – does Amazon need to look in its rear view mirror?

‘Big Data & Machine Learning’ is an exciting, emerging field. It promises to change our lives radically. More data has been created in the last two years than the entire history of humankind. For the standard Fortune 1000 company, just a 10% increase in data accessibility has resulted in an average revenue gain of U.S. […]

Greenpro surges 600% after acquiring 4% in the Millenium Sapphire – is the future bullish?

To say that the financial sector is going through a “rough patch” is an understatement. Profit plunges, dividend cuts, frozen loan repayments, and suspended executive pay increases have been the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the market highs recorded on February 20, the S&P 500 Financial Index fell by over 22.6%. However, amidst the […]

Market Update: US – China tensions escalate – is this bull market a sucker’s rally?

Despite the false bull market the Australian markets failed to maintain their positive momentum throughout the week. The ASX 200 slipped on Friday to close out the week 0.96% lower at 5497 points. However, this was not enough to erase the gains that were made by Moderna’s positive vaccine results However, this week saw renewed […]

IBM announces company-wide layoffs – are they still worth the investment?

The technology sector continues to take a pounding from the Coronavirus. The demand for enterprise IT products is in free fall. Look no further than the International Business Machines Corporation (NYSE: IBM). Today we will discuss why IBM made headlines this week and discuss whether it is worth the investment at its current trading price. […]

Market update: Is the bull market over?

It seems that the Aussie markets have hit a rough patch. Bouncing around between substantial gains and losses, the ASX 200 finished the week 0.25% higher at 5404.8 points. Culminating the seventh time in eight weeks that the index saw overall weekly gains. The ASX 200 failed to achieve two successive days of straight gains. […]

Aurora explodes by 32% – is now the time for cannabis investors?

The Coronavirus pandemic has left the healthcare industry caught up in the middle of a frenzy. The biotech race is heating up. Unsurprisingly, biopharmaceutical companies have seen colossal investor backing over the past few weeks. However, what you may not know is that the cannabis industry is suffering. Since the beginning of the year, the […]

Macquarie surges after slashing dividends by 50%

What was once considered “safe investments” don’t look to be so secure now. To say that the banking industry is going through a challenging period would be an understatement. Profit plunges, dividend cuts, and frozen loan payments have all been the fallout of the Coronavirus pandemic. Since COVID-19 began infecting the markets, the Big Four […]

Market Update: The bears and bulls are fighting – but the bears have the upper hand.

It seems like the bears still have their claws well entrenched in the market. The bears are not letting go. All the weekly gains evaporated as the ASX 200 plummeted by more than 5% on Friday. Marking the single most significant daily drop over the past five weeks. Friday’s decrease is making investors wonder whether […]

Amazon posts $75 billion in revenue for Q1 2020 – are they immune to COVID-19?

Technology stocks continue to take a pounding during the COVID-19. However, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is bucking the recessionary trend. The E-commerce giant rocked the investing community as it posted U.S. $75.4 billion in revenue for Q1 of 2020. To put that into perspective, that equates to Amazon earning U.S. $33 million every hour for the […]

DraftKings surged by 10.4% on debut – could this be the next PointsBet Holdings?

DraftKings (NASDAQ DKNG), the rising online sports betting platform, turned the heads of NASDAQ investors last week after rising 10.4% on its debut.  DraftKings hosts sports contests and provides sports betting services for the world’s biggest sporting leagues. These include the NBA, MLB, NFL, Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Tennis, and NASCAR. The company went […]

Market Update: Is the ASX in a bear or bull market?

The bears emerged victorious this week after ending the false five-week bull run. While the ASX 200 posted a small gain on Friday, the market fell by 4% over the week. Making many investors curious whether the market is entering yet another bearish decline? Considering the news was more negative than positive this week, the […]

Macquarie Bank looks to BUY Virgin – is the airline now an attractive investment?

It is fair to say that the coronavirus is not hanging around to take any hostages. On Monday evening, Virgin Australia (ASX: VAH) became the highest-profile casualty of the pandemic. Virgin soon announced its intention to enter voluntary administration. The thought of voluntary administration came off the back of Virgin, dismissing 16,000 employees and the […]

How long can NASDAQ’s bullish run continue to stun the world?

While global indices have struggled to gain substantial momentum, the tech-heavy NASDAQ continues to stun the world. Last week alone, the index catapulted by more than 6.4% to finish at 8650.14 points. Marking, a 23.8% increase over the last month. It will be interesting to see if the NASDAQ can maintain its fine form for […]

Market Update: Where do we go from here?

What, the market is up again? Despite a poor Quarterly U.S. Earnings Session and countries such as England extending their lockdown periods. If you are confused, you are not alone. Especially as some commentators are saying that we have hit the bottom, while others are telling us to prepare, as the worst is still yet […]

Goldman Sachs earnings plunge by 50% – is this the best COVID-19 investment?

Quarterly financial reports often produce extremely turbulent market conditions. Earnings season breeds two types of investors. For example, you have the investors who sell/buy after a company releases weak/strong financials. On the other hand, you also have opportunists who aim to snap up companies at a discount. Reporting season saw the Dow Jones pinball between […]

Macquarie Bank sells its shares in Australia’s leading data centre company – creating a possible opportunity?

The restructuring of the digital economy is providing you with an endless number of opportunities. NEXTDC’s bullish 32% rise over the last three weeks encapsulates the investment potential in the evolving digital economy. Today we will discuss NEXTDC’s value proposition, why the tech-company made headlines this week, and whether their decline over this week presents […]

Has COVID-19 created a perfect opportunity for Tesla investors?

Flashback to mid-February and Tesla’s share price was soaring into the stratosphere as they hit a new record high of $917. It was fair to say that Tesla’s share price was in the overvalued territory. The significant backing behind the automotive giant was proving analysts wrong time and time again. However, the fairytale story is […]